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Understand What Your Dog Is Trying to Say to You

Updated on April 18, 2015

Listen Very Carefully, I Shall Say This Only Once

How many times do I have to say the same things over and over again?
How many times do I have to say the same things over and over again? | Source

What Makes Dogs So Special?

America has the largest number of dogs, and what’s more interesting is that about a million dog owners listed their beloved pets as their only ‘heirs’ of all of their possessions . If you don’t have a dog, this might seem a little strange to you, but if you have one furry companion right beside you, this won’t seem strange to you at all. What’s more, leaving everything to such a loyal friend would seem like an only logical thing to do.

So, why are dogs so special? Well, we could start a list, but we know it’d be too long. Let’s just say that dogs can find a way to your heart, and once they know they’re in your heart, they know they've found a home.

Dogs Have Their Reasons for Everything... Well, Almost Everything

Finally, something I can chew! Why else would he put his shoe right in front of my nose?
Finally, something I can chew! Why else would he put his shoe right in front of my nose? | Source

They Are Trying to Communicate With You

How can you not love those furry little animals that give you unconditional love? Puppies are born blind, deaf, and without teeth. Yes, dogs will chew almost everything that’s on their way; they’ll try to communicate with you by barking loudly (even though both you and your dog are aware that you don’t share the same language); they’ll dig a hole right in your lovely garden. They don’t care about beautiful roses as much as you do. They’ll get in a lot of trouble, but the sooner you try to understand them, the sooner will you realize that they have a reason for everything they do. Well, almost everything.

How Is Your Dog Communicating With You?

I don't need to speak dog language to know you need some love and attention.
I don't need to speak dog language to know you need some love and attention. | Source

Look at Your Dog

Dogs have their own way of communicating with their owners, whether this is through body language or barking. The important thing is that you pay attention to your dog, and you’ll be really surprised how much you’ll learn about your pet.

Before We Continue...

There is one thing that pet owners do that can really cause communication breakdown between them and their dogs. Namely, people who have dogs talk to them when trying to teach them something. However, dogs will pick up things more easily through your body language, and the energy you’re sending, and less likely through your words. However, the best way to teach a dog new tricks is with both verbal and non-verbal cues.

Take a Good Look at Your Dog

I'm not interested in you taking pictures of me.
I'm not interested in you taking pictures of me. | Source

Dog's Body Postures

There are various emotions your dog will experience on a day-to-day basis, but the good thing is that you’ll be able to recognize most of these emotions only by looking at your beloved pets:

  • A dog is relaxed when their ears are up, tail down, and they hold their head high.
  • A dog is stressed when their ears and tail are down, as well as their entire body is slightly lowered.
  • A dog is curious when their ears are leaned forward, their tail is in the horizontal position, their mouth is closed, and eyes wide open.
  • A dog is aggressive when their nose and forehead are wrinkled, their tail and hackles are up, and their teeth are visible.

These were some basic states and emotions a dog is often going through, and it’s not really difficult to recognize any of these states and emotions.

Now, How Is Your Dog Communicating With You?


By Telling You They Want Potatoes :)

Why Is Your Dog Licking You?


Maybe You Have Something on Your Face?

First off, we must say that dogs don’t do this because they know their owners can be sometimes irritated by this. They have their reasons:

1. They are expressing their affection to you.

2. You have some food left on your face (we don’t need an explanation here).

3. They’re healing you. If you have a wound, don’t be surprised if your dog licks it, as their saliva has some very powerful antibacterial properties.

4. They are trying to tell you something. Dogs express a lot of their thoughts, wishes, and ideas through licking, so if your dog is cleaning your face like it’s a food bowl, check to see whether they need something. Maybe they are hungry, thirsty, or their favorite dog toy is out of their reach.

Your Dog Is Not Looking at You Because...

Hey, human friend, relax. There's no need for tension.
Hey, human friend, relax. There's no need for tension. | Source

Why Are Dogs Turning Their Heads Away?

Your dog does something they’re not supposed to, and you tell them off. One of the first things your dog will do is they will turn their head away. Now, this is where most people will feel sorry for their furry friends, assuming dogs react in the same manner people do. However, this is where one big misconception lies. If your dog turns their head away, that’s their way of trying to understand the situation. They are very likely to do this in tense situations, so as to calm things down. They are not ignoring you - they’re just trying to understand you.

How to Know When Your Dog Is Not Hungry?

Dogs can count to five according to various researches. Why would you confuse them, and put six treats in front of them? They won't know how much they've eaten.
Dogs can count to five according to various researches. Why would you confuse them, and put six treats in front of them? They won't know how much they've eaten. | Source

Signs Your Dog Is Not Hungry

We love to spoil our pets, and give them the most delicious treats even when they aren't hungry. We've listed some signs that will tell you your dog’s not hungry:

  • Their bowl is full, and they show no interest in eating unless you add some really tasty treats in their bowl.
  • Their bowl is full, and again, they show no interest in eating anything that’s in it. They are happier watching you cook, and ‘eating’ great smells from your kitchen.
  • Their bowl is empty. They will eat anything you give them, not because they are hungry, but they just love to eat.

Every Bark Has Its Meaning

I'm not barking because I love the sound of my voice. I'm trying to say something.
I'm not barking because I love the sound of my voice. I'm trying to say something. | Source

Understand Dog’s Barking

Sometimes you feel that your dog’s like a broken record with their barking. However, dogs don’t always sound the same. There are three things you should pay attention to when your dog is barking:

1. The length of barking

2. The frequency of barking

3. The pitch

These three factors can help you understand what your dog is trying to say to you.

Let’s start with a pitch. The higher the pitch of barking the better. When a dog’s using a low-pitched bark they feel threatened and not in the mood to hang out with visitors. On the other hand, a high pitch usually indicates that a dog wants to welcome guests, play, or just get your attention.

Next, we have the duration of a bark. If the bark is long, a dog is very confident and conscious of making a particular sound. If a bark is short, it’s most likely that a dog feels insecure in a certain situation, for example being faced with another dog.

Lastly, we have the frequency of barking. If a dog is barking too frequently that means that something really caught their attention – bad or good. If there’s nothing that can keep their attention, there’ll probably be long pauses between the barks.

One More Thing – Dog to Dog


Tail Wagging

Dogs can tell whether the other dog is wagging their tail to the left or to the right. Namely, if a dog is wagging their tail to the left it means they are cautious and feel threatened. Studies have shown that in these situations, a dog’s heart rate is increased, and they feel anxious.
On the other hand, when a dog’s wagging their tail to the right they feel relaxed, and is ready to play, explore, and meet other dogs.

If you know some other ways dogs communicate with their owners, we’d love to hear them. The better we communicate with our pets, the more will we be able to understand them, help them, and show them we truly care for them in a way they’ll understand.

Conversation Between Two Dogs

What About Your Dog? Do You Understand Them?

Do You Think You're Communicating Well With Your Dog?

See results

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