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Using the furminator deshedding tool for large dogs

Updated on May 9, 2013

My experiences of using furminator for dogs

I have made this page to share my experiences of using the furminator for dogs. We have always owned long haired Border Collies and were recommended this product a few years back.

I'm going to share some useful hints and tricks in this lens, which should help you get the best out of grooming your dogs with this product. There's also a very useful video which shows the tool in action.

Please feel free to leave me any comments at the bottom of this page, I always love to hear what people think!

Furminator dog brush

Using furminator deshedding tool for medium dogs

Meet Jake, our long haired Border Collie. We have used the furminator deshedding tool for medium dogs on both Jake and our previous Border Collie Gyp. Jake hates being brushed by actually seems to enjoy it when we use the furminator pet grooming tool.

Jake often gets lots of knots in his hair, especially in the under layer. Often regular brushes will not get deep down and remove the dead hair. The furminator deshedding tool for large dogs is great at removing this hair and making him more comfortable. I really think that it is the best dog brush for shedding.

Using the furminator has reduced shedding a lot too. Jake sheds fur quite a bit and we are always having to hoover up the hair. Since using this dog shedding tool on our dogs, this has not been nearly as bad.

You can use the furminator alone, however you may find that you get better results if you use this in conjunction with other grooming brushes and dog hair products. You will find that your dog's coat seems softer and thinner after using the tool.This is due to all the dead hair being removed from the dogs undercoat.

Using the furminator deshedding solution

There are a couple of things that you need to know about using the furminator for dogs. Although this grooming brush does an excellent job of removing excess hair, you need to make sure that you do not apply too much pressure when using it. If you do put too much pressure on the furminator, it might irritate your dog's skin. Don't worry, you will soon learn how much pressure to use when grooming.

I have seen reviews of this dog deshedding tool saying that teeth have broken off, however I've never had this problem myself. I am quite heavy handed and have never noticed any of the teeth on the blade chip or break off. Some furminators come with a protective cover so it is always best to use that. You can buy furminator replacement blades if needed. If you find that teeth snap off the pet grooming tool, you may be able to find a furminator sale. Alternatively, you may be able to purchase new blades from pet groomer supplier.

Large dog furminator in use!

This video shows the furminator for dogs in use and explains the great features of this product.

Some tips and tricks for using the furminator dog shedding tool

The furminator tool has a great feature called a furejector button. Pressing this button allows you to remove the hair from the brush quickly and easily. I love this feature because I hate having to pull dog hair out of other grooming brushes! This makes it just about the best dog brush for shedding.

Some people recommend only using the furminator once a month, however we use the tool whenever we groom Jake. You can use it as often as needed. We find that using it every time we groom him, it helps keep shedding and knots to a minimum. We often get a big plastic bag of fur from Jake when we use this pet shedding tool.

Furminator also make a shampoo, conditioner and other dog hair products which you can use with the brush. This does get better results, but the furminator can be used alone too. You may be able to find these supplies for dog grooming in your local pet shop or on Amazon.

Sometimes static does build up in the brush which causes the fur to stick to the furminator. I've found that wiping the brush with a dryer sheet will remove the static and the hair without any problems.

Jake loves the Furminator!

Jake hates being groomed but if we get the furminator out, he rushes straight over to be brushed. The furminator seems to be more comfortable for dogs than using other grooming brushes. It must be quite a relief to have the dead under hair removed! We have noticed that Jake scratches quite a bit when he gets a build up of dead hair, but this seems to be relieved after using the tool.

If you dog does not like being groomed, it may help to have some yummy treats to hand until the dog gets used to using the furminator. I've listed some great treats below, which Jake loves!

The best dog brush for shedding!

Supplies for dogs

Here's a few more dog supplies that you might want to try alongside the furminator.

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    • TheRatRaceRebel1 profile image

      TheRatRaceRebel1 4 years ago

      The Furminator really works. I had a large black chow/lab mix who shed like a lab all year long and like a chow in the spring. Struggled like crazy to keep the house clean till I bit the bullet and got one of these. Highly recommend it.