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Venomous Danger Noodles

Updated on May 22, 2020


Much like a Childs toy the rattlesnake makes a rattling sound though if you hear one of these danger noodles STAY AWAY for sure. the sound come from their tail that makes a rattling sound when threatened, hence the name rattle snake. unfortunately a rattle snake isn't as cute as baby playing with a toy. In fact it could be a terrifying experience to even see on in the open. these snakes have a very fast strike speed and can reach up to half their own body length to get what they want. when striking they reach at least a foot in distance easily within 70 milliseconds (that fast than the blink of an eye)!! Make sure if you're hiking or out and about where any rattlers could be that if you hear their rattler you heed their warning.


Bothrops Jararaca

STOP!! If you're in Brazil or would like to travel the forests there then take this warning seriously. The Bothrops Jararaca is a highly venomous pit viper snake native to south America and very abundant in southern Brazil. Just to show how dangerous there little noodles are, its estimated that they are responsible for 52% of the recorded snake bites in Brazil. The venom is definitely toxic having between 24-26 milligrams per bite. It sure isn't the most deadly snake but it still is no joke for sure.

Eastern Brown Snake

This slender snake only reaches about 7ft long but can still do a number on you. They are consider the second deadliest snake for many reasons one being that they are responsible for about 60% of snake bite DEATHS in Australia! The venom once inside of its prey attacks the circulatory system causing hemorrhaging and even cardiac arrest within 30 minutes of attack. Now this deadly little slithering noodle is kind of a loner, keep to itself most of the time. Most snakes like to live the nocturnal lifestyle but this danger noodle stays out mostly in the daytime and when nightfall does approach these slender serpents will take camp in abandoned burrows left by mice, rabbits, and other rodents. The Eastern Brown Snake also hibernates in colder weather, sometimes for up to 140 days.

So if you ever decide to holiday in Australia make sure you're watching out for these guys too!


King Cobra

Now lets have a chat about the king of all snakes (my personal favorite) the KING COBRA! The largest serpent on the planet! The King cobra is a very unique and interesting species of snake for many reason and one of them is the rituals they do when meeting other cobras, They encircle each other in a challenge for territory, dominance, and mating.

The king cobra is a beautiful snake for sure, But don't let their beauty fool you because even beauty can be dangerous. they have a venom so toxic it kills an adult elephant within an hour...(sadface). Now after hearing how deadly King cobras are it might be hard to believe that one of their biggest threats besides humans and habitat loss would …. the MONGOOSE. These tiny but might critters have a special ability(mongoose super power) to generate a glycoprotein which breaks down active toxins. Allowing the mongoose to survive several strikes (tough little suckers) from the deadly King Cobra.



So far we have learned about rattlers and cobras, But the final thing on this list is widely view as THE DEADLIEST SNAKE on the planet. Being responsible for many African myths that may or may not be true, But I don't think wed like to find out. As most snake would rather slither away from you this species is found to be aggressive and will strike as soon as threatened. Some myths may ring true for this aggressive species of snake seeing as how it only take 2 small drops to kill a grown man and each give strike yields around 20 drops. They can also strike you from as far as 4-6 feet away at 9-12 mph. Two drop of the neurotoxic venom will shut down your nervous system leaving you paralyzed. So if you ever encounter a Black Mamba I suggest you turn and run away faster than you've ever run before!


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Shelby Armstrong


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