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Wahl Professional Cordless Pet Clipper Kit

Updated on February 7, 2018

Taking the dog to the groomers on a regular basis can get very expensive. In fact a friend of mine pointed out that in the life of the dog it could cost as much as $10,000!

With this in mind I thought maybe I could do a little grooming at home and perhaps once in a while take the dog in for a professional clipping.

I have a Havanese dog and she is as cute as a button. Unfortunately she gets a lot of matting because she has such long, fine hair. Sometimes it gets so matted that I simply have to cut out the mats with scissors.

So with that in mind I thought it was time to get a good, quality pair of clippers and that is when I found the Wahl Professional Cordless Pet Clipper Kit.

Why I like the Wahl Professional Cordless Pet Clipper

These clippers are very easy to use. At first I was a little concerned with using a cordless clipper but this turned out to be the best part of owning these clippers.

I don't have to worry about the cord getting tangled around the dog for one thing or how close I need to be to a power source.

As well I don't have to use the clippers inside and in fact taking the dog out to the patio and using the clippers has been a blessing because it is so much easier to clean up the cut hair and I don't have to worry about the hair getting into everything in my house.

This has been a good buy since I can now look after my dog a lot better.

She doesn't get as many mats in her hair, I don’t get frustrated trying to comb them out or cut them out, she doesn't get upset and she looks like the little princess she is!

Wahl Dog Grooming Clippers Video

Questions and Answers

Can I use these animal clippers on horses?

Yes, you can use these animal clippers on horses as a number of customers have reported.

Can I use them on cats?

According to the manufacture these clippers can be used on cats. The clippers is great for doing leg lines and works on many different types of cats.

Do the clippers work well on fine dog hair?

Yes, they will work on fine hair as well as thick and curly hair.

Can I get extra combs and batteries for the clippers?

Yes, they are available on Amazon so you don’t have to go looking for these items.

How can I tell if the adjustments are being made on the blade?

The blade moves forward or backwards as you use the lever. You will be able to tell how long the blade is as the space gets shorter or longer between the blade and the teeth as you move it.

What are the size of the blades?

The blades are made of ground high carbon steel and the blades are adjustable for 1/8 inch cut, 1/4 inch cut, 3/8 inch cut and 1/2 inch cut.

How long does it take for the battery to charge?

There is a light that blinks while it is charge. It can take about 15 minutes to get a full charge.

Do the clippers come with batteries?

Yes, the clippers come with two batteries and a charger.

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