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You want a Siberian Husky?

Updated on January 14, 2014

Huskies are such Adorable Dogs

The attraction of owning a Siberian Husky seems to be gripping more and more people these days, I have seen an increase in the amount of these gorgeous animals out for walks with their owners, as well as being made available online, looking for a new home.

It is understandable as they are such beautiful dogs. Why wouldn't anyone find them adorable?

Beautiful Blue Eyes
Beautiful Blue Eyes | Source
What Gorgeous Eyes
What Gorgeous Eyes | Source

Their Eyes

If you have seen pictures of Huskies, you are likely to have been struck by their beautiful eyes, which come in a range of colours, including light blue, dark blue, amber (red) or brown. Huskies are also one of the few breeds where being bi eyed is considered normal and acceptable for the breed. This is where they have 2 different coloured eyes!

Their Coats

Huskies have a double layered coat, which helps them keep warm in colder climates. Their colouring is also spectacular and adds to the beauty of the breed, as well as the range of patterns their coats come in. Some of the huskies colours include black and white, grey (sometimes referred to as silver), red, and white. Some of them can have very thick (almost fluffy) fur, while others fur is thinner.

So much fur after Grooming
So much fur after Grooming | Source


If you get a Husky, be ready for lots of fur around your house, on your clothes and just about anywhere you can imagine. It is not uncommon to find their fur in your food! They shed a lot, especially at certain times of year; and require regular (at least weekly) grooming. Some people make the mistake of cutting their coats to try to cut down on the shedding.

Please make sure you learn how to properly groom a husky, or get it done professionally, as you can do long term damage to their coats by simply grabbing a pair of scissors.

Due to their beauty, and adorable looks, there is a strong temptation to buy a husky, without really understanding the breed.

Sadly this has led to so many huskies being returned to shelters with people complaining about things like, 'they pull too much on the lead', 'their fur gets everywhere', 'they are hard to train, strong willed and often disobedient'.

If you had simply done some research you will have discovered that these, along with many other traits are common to the breed, and if you are not willing to work with those factors, please consider a different breed of dog.

Do the necessary research (there is a wealth of information available online on Huskies), and you will help prepare yourself for what they will bring into your life and home.

These days Dog rescues and Shelters are full of huskies, and specialist husky rescue groups find themselves overwhelmed with the amount of huskies needing to be rehomed. This is often due to people getting one because they are so beautiful, then finding they cannot cope with the breed. If you prepare yourself and know what you are getting into, then hopefully you will not find yourself racing to a local dog rescue to drop off your husky.

Come on! Walk Faster!
Come on! Walk Faster! | Source


Do You Own a Husky?

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What you need to be ready for when getting a Husky

The Zoomies

Huskies have a huge amount of energy, and will sometimes get what has become known as 'the zoomies'. This is where they get a sudden mad rush of energy, which can result in them charging around the house or garden, up and down, back and forth. They might spin in circles, and you could even notice a big grin on their faces as they enjoy their energy release. It can be highly amusing to watch, although you might not want to get in their way!

Lots of Walks

Again, due to their high energy, a husky needs lots of walking. They are not a breed you can get and simply leave to sit on the couch all day. If they get too bored, and have no way to release their energy, you may find they eat into that couch, ripping it apart! Take the time to walk them daily, it is a highly rewarding experience as you see them enjoying themselves outside.

Pulling on the Lead

Most huskies love to pull, it comes naturally to them. They are used to pull sleds in the snow, and enjoy running while pulling. This can of course mean walking them can be a challenge. They want to be in front, and they want to go faster than you. They are also incredibly strong, so expect to be pulled while on a walk with them. Training them not to pull will take time and effort.

You may want to consider getting a long lead so they can run about a bit in the park. While some people do let huskies off leads, it is highly frowned upon by many husky owners. They do not have good recall, and will quite happily take advantage of the freedom and run off, while you desperately try to call them back.

Many huskies have been hit by cars, trains or simply lost due to their desire to run off and explore.

Look what the Huskies did!
Look what the Huskies did! | Source

Chewing Furniture and Destroying Things

If you are very house proud, you may not want to get a husky.

They love to eat and destroy things, including your couches, chairs and even ripping up carpets. They see this as a great way to have fun, and it is not uncommon to come home after leaving them alone, to find they have destroyed something in order to 'punish you for leaving them by themselves'

Highly Intelligent, Hard to Train and Strong Willed

You are not likely to see huskies listed on 'the 10 most intelligent dog breeds' lists, however there is a reason for this. These lists are often based upon dogs that are intelligent enough to respond quickly to training. Huskies are actually highly intelligent, however this means they are capable of processing your training and deciding for themselves if they want to obey.

Their intelligence collides with their strong will, leaving them often classed as hard to train. They are likely to rebel against simple instructions like 'sit', simply because they are not in the mood to sit, or want you to know that they will sit when they are good and ready to!

This does not mean they are completely untrainable, but it does mean that you need to put in a lot of time and effort to do so.

Their intelligence means they are good at learning words, and if you put in the time, will soon learn their left and right. This comes in very useful on walks, or if you do decide to take them out in the snow on a sled. It is incredibly rewarding saying 'left' to your husky and seeing them turn left, while other dogs stand in envy wishing their dog could do that.

Separation Anxiety

Huskies are pack dogs, and as such they like company. They are not good when left alone for hours a day. I personally recommend people have more than one husky, and to be honest many who get one fall in love with the breed and soon want a second.

Their separation anxiety might mean their cry and howl at night if you leave them to sleep somewhere alone. It may take a few sleepless nights for them to get used to this.

If you go out all day, leaving your dog alone, it is possible your neighbours may not be happy with the howling, crying and barking. Hopefully they will get used to having periods of time when they are alone, but if your are not someone who has lots of time to spend with your dog, I do not recommend a husky.

They are social and need to be around people as much as possible.

Look at all the fun we had in the garden
Look at all the fun we had in the garden | Source

Your Garden

I would recommend that if you want a husky, you have a house with a garden. If you do not, make sure you take them on lots of walks to make up for it. However your garden needs to be 'husky proof'

Some huskies can jump pretty high, and they are known escape artists. Their intelligence means they can learn how to open doors, gates or figure out a way to get over your fence ( or through it if they want!). You need to ensure your fence is high enough to be husky proof. Many responsible Husky Rescues will do a home check, coming around to make sure your garden is not a simple escape route for your dog.

You better be ready for having holes dug in your garden, and even your fences damaged. They have an incredible strong bite, and can easily bite through wood or metal fences.

If you have read this far, you may be thinking that owning a husky sounds terrible. However I wanted to ensure you are aware of the negatives so you go into husky ownership fully prepared.

It's not all bad!

There are of course many positive and rewarding aspects of owning such a beautiful dog breed.

These include:

They are very playful, and enjoy a good game. Some will play tug-o-war, and others may even play fetch. However be prepared for them to chase the ball, grab and play with it a bit, then simply dump it on the ground for you to go and fetch.

Huskies are very social, enjoy closeness and lots of attention. Many of them love cuddles, and they are great company. They can become very loyal and will happily sit near (or on) you at home.

They are also very enthusiastic, and get quite excited.

Huskies are known for howling. Some may see this as a negative, but I don't, I think it is adorable seeing one of them howl. Some may howl randomly, or you may find certain noises trigger their howling. Be aware that not all of them howl though, so don't get one just expecting a howl.

I have tried to cover some of the things you need to know about huskies. My other hubs will focus more on certain traits, but at least you now have some information to help you decide whether this is the breed for you.

If you do decide to get one, you will find that husky owners interact. There are plenty of good husky forums and Facebook groups where you can meet other husky owners. Many of them meet up for pack walks. There is something quite amazing about seeing 20 or 30 huskies running around together.

If you do get a Husky, please let me know. I love to interact with other Husky owners

© 2014 HuskyChaos


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    • HuskyChaos profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from England

      Rob regard on, that's great you have rescued huskies. Also that you have such a passion for them. Hope it is all going well

    • profile image

      rob reardon 

      4 years ago

      I love my huskies, rescued our first .bought our second....rescued our third...and in progress is our fourth. Not to mention we have two American something's that are rescues.. Been through all the up and down's..the fourth is a female so this could be interesting..praying it goes smoothly...

    • HuskyChaos profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from England

      Thank you LisaRoppolo :-) glad you enjoyed it

    • LisaRoppolo profile image

      Lisa Roppolo 

      5 years ago from Joliet, IL

      Awesome hub!


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