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Top 18 Best Watch/Guard Dogs

Updated on February 16, 2012

Watch Dogs And Guard Dogs - Basic Difference

Dogs Are Known for Their friendly and loyal Nature to human beings.They are the most loved pet.

There are variety of dog breeds available.Some are Rare,some are common.Most of the times dogs are chosen as pet to guard or watch home.

However There is a difference between watch dogs and Guard dogs.Watch Dogs will bark if they see,hear or sense Danger or something indifferent.They will take action only under extreme conditions whereas guard dogs will take quick action under dangerous condition.

This page is dedicated to list the "Top 10 Watch Dogs" and "Top 10 Guard Dogs" that can be your best friend and guard at the same time.

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top 10 best watch dog
top 10 best watch dog
top 10 best guard dog
top 10 best guard dog

# 18. Poodle (Standard and Miniature) - Poodle Means Splash In Water


  • Second Most intelligent dog breed (After Border Collie)
  • Friendly with kids and children
  • Can make good apartment dogs

# 17. Airedale Terrier - Known as 'King Of Terriers'

Qualities :

  • Famously Known as "King Of Terriers"
  • Calm,quiet and Intelligent dog Breed
  • Careful training is required
  • Loves to outsmart his owner

# 16. Chihuahua - Smallest Dog Breed

Qualities :

  • Best Apartment Dog (Specially for elders)
  • Very much Devoted to his owner (up to the point of jealousy)

Chihuahuas For Dummies
Chihuahuas For Dummies

Training Book on Chihuahua


# 15 Cairn Terrier - One Of The Oldest Dog Breed

Qualities :

  • Used as Hunter dogs in 1500s
  • Stubborn and hate domination

# 14. Yorkshire Terrier - Nicknamed Yorkie

Qualities :

  • One of the most popular dog breed in america
  • Terrier breed that do not shed easily
  • Intelligent,Confident and Very adorable

Yorkshire Terriers For Dummies
Yorkshire Terriers For Dummies

Training Book on Yorkshire Terrier


# 13. Miniature Schnauzer - Comes In Different Colors

Qualities :

  • Needs Love and Attention (It may even affect their overall health)
  • Easily become friend of small Kids and children
  • Can even make good apartment dog

# 12. West Highland White Terrier - Sleep 13 Hours A Day

Qualities :

  • Popularly Known as Westies
  • Loves his things from food to other belongings and may not share
  • Children friendly
  • Loves to Bark and dig

The West Highland White Terrier (Terra-Nova)
The West Highland White Terrier (Terra-Nova)

Training Book on West Highland White Terrier


# 11. Scottish Terrier - The 'Die Hard' Breed

Qualities :

  • Very Vigorous and Brave
  • Reserve and Stubborn nature
  • Loves to Dominate

# 10. American Staffordshire Terrier - Can Die For His Family

Qualities :

  • Twin To American Pitbull
  • Was Bred For Bull Fighting
  • Friendly With Kids

# 9. Kuvasz - Hungarian Dog Breed

Qualities :

  • Was Bred To protect live-stock like sheeps
  • Not good for first time owner
  • Not easy To Train

# 8. Rhodesian Ridgeback - AKA African Lion Hound

Qualities :

  • Was Bred To Hunt Lions
  • Also Known As African Lion Hund
  • Not advised for first time owners

# 7. Giant Schnauzer - Was USed As Police Dog

Qualities :

  • Said to be born to please his master
  • Can be easily trained
  • One of the best family dog
  • Not advised if you already have a pet

# 6. Puli - Famous For Its Fur Coat

Qualities :

  • Twin to Komondor (Only in looks)
  • Family Friendly

# 5. Komondor - Twin To Puli

Qualities :

  • Was Bred to Protect Sheeps
  • Not Family Friendly (Very Stubborn)

# 4. Doberman Pinscher - One Of The Most Aggressive Dog Breed

Qualities :

  • Family Friendly Dog
  • Easy To Train
  • Low Shed Breed

The Doberman Pinscher (Book & DVD)
The Doberman Pinscher (Book & DVD)

Training Book On Doberman Pinscher


# 3. Bullmastiff - Breed Of Large Dog

Qualities :

  • Mix Of Mastiff and Bull Dog Breed
  • Does Not Like to be left alone.
  • Aggressive and short tempered

# 2. German Shepherd - Most Popular Breed


  • Best Companion Dog
  • Very Famous In Indian Sub-Continent
  • Used in military and police work
  • Children and small kids friendly
  • Easy to train at home and Can travel with you.

# 1. Rottweiler - Disease Free,Healthy Breed


  • Highly Aggressive and Brave
  • In Roman era,Rottweiler were used for Hunting
  • Does not makes friend easily
  • Early age (puppy-age) training is required for best results
  • Loves to run and swim

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Dogs Make Good Pet? - What You Say?

Do Dogs Make Good Pet?

Yes,They Do

Yes,They Do

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    • larrypel 3 years ago

      yes they do

    • larrypel 3 years ago

      Yes they do

    • girlfriendfactory 4 years ago

      yes, excellent pets if you have time for them

    • Bigwas 4 years ago from Philippines

      yes they do, they are very loyal.

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      The best, can't live without them

    • suepogson 4 years ago

      They are great pets, loyal and loving.

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      Yes they do and I love them so much evan though I don't have one:( I want a APBT

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      You need to have time for them and the right area size. Early training is a must. Got two chihuahuas.

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      They THE BEST PET available to human race.

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      yes Rottweiler

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      yes Rottweiler

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      yeahh..... lovely creature's. . .

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      yes its labardor...............

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      yes its labardor...............

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      They do with the right people and for the reasons of those people/person

    • dsr485 4 years ago

      absolutely, I couldn't imagine life without them!

    • Helen Phillips Cockrell 4 years ago from Virginia

      Oh, yes they of course, I currently have three, so I have to say yes! I'd like to recommend an addition to your guard dog/watch dog list: the Belgian Malinois. A wonderful dog, used often in law enforcement work, but also a great family dog. Very loyal, smart and protective. We have one and love him!

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      Way better than cats.

    • anonymous 4 years ago


    • anonymous 4 years ago

      If they have good owners!

    • shoesocks lm 4 years ago

      I just want one

    • blue autumn 4 years ago

      of course they do, but i have cats and dogs

    • anonymous 4 years ago


    • anonymous 4 years ago

      i say they make better pets than cats and are better with children then cats

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      puppies are awesome the best are poodles in my and my family's opinion others are also great.

    • LoveToClean 4 years ago

      Definitely, you just need to find one that you bond with :)

    • KittyWrites 5 years ago

      I love dogs, especially yorkies. They make life enjoyable.

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      Yes, they are best friends you can have

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      Yes in my opinion

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      Yes, I couldn't be without one.

    • thegrowlinggour 5 years ago

      I have a beagle and a beagle mix, Lucy & Mia. I adore them and spoil them with homemade "good for them" treats. I've taught them to be fairly quiet and not howl at everything, but they do warn me if anyone (or anything) is near the house. I think if push came to shove my girls would protect me as best they could. They are always by my side, 2 very loving & loyal family members.

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      my dog is very talented

    • rallo-smith 5 years ago

      My dogs are a big part of my family and our farm of miniature animals.

    • jholland 5 years ago

      I hav ebeen owned by parrots, cats, dogs, chickens, goats, and human kids over the years. Dogs are great, but so care cats and parrots!

    • AlphaChic 5 years ago

      Dogs are great!

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      All dogs in the world are very loyal to owners, but i have choose Labrador Retriever very friendly to all mostly children, I Love all dogs,

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      i have a rottweiler but its still 1 month and 1 week old but i love him

    • desa999 lm 5 years ago

      My son has 2 dogs and they are fantastic companions and continually keep everyone in the family entertained

    • Ronald Tucker 5 years ago from Louisville, Kentucky

      Dogs are indeed mans best friend and it has been a relationship that has evolved over thousands of years.

      With their keen sense of hearing and smell, dogs were mans "Home Security System" long before ADT!

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      Dogs are the ultimate friends of human

    • pittfan33 6 years ago

      yes, they make the best pets because you can interact with them and watch them grow, and they will always stay loyal as long as you take care of them

    No I would Go with cats or with....

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      • softclaws 4 years ago

        Dogs make great pets but only if you have time for them. Otherwise get yourself a ninja cat. They are more independent.

      • SilmarwenLinwelin 5 years ago

        They definitely are, but I'm a cat person :)

      • jolou 6 years ago

        They are good pets, and I like them very much, but my favorite is cats.

      Which Breed is your favorite?

      Shout about your favorite watch dog breed - Share Your Thoughts,Comments,Suggestions or Just Say "Hi"

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        • girlfriendfactory profile image

          girlfriendfactory 4 years ago

          Dobermans ~ only dogs specifically bred for personal protection and as family dogs. I was raised with one and had them as adults. Terrific dogs and have lower bit ratio than many other "family" dogs like Labs. By far my fav but they do shed a lot of short hair. lol

        • Mr Criminology profile image

          Bigwas 4 years ago from Philippines

          I like german Shepperd the best, they are a watch dog and a guard dog at the same time, isn't that great.

        • profile image

          anonymous 4 years ago

          @HalloweenRecipes: Now that's EXACTLY what I need! I'm planning on moving out on my own in the coming months, and as a single girl I want a good friend for a companion but also one that can help me sleep better at night, you know. Right now my top 3 choices are rottweiler, white shepherd and german shepherd. I guess you'd recommend the whitey? They're super cute too they look like wolves and I adore wolves, would love to have a "Snow" ;D although the problem is whether I'd actually find one in the first place! :(

        • suepogson profile image

          suepogson 4 years ago

          My dogs are mixed breed,although one has a lot of afghan. I love them for their individuality (actually I love them for everything!).. if I were to have a pure-breed dog I would probably go with a boxer ... but with tail intact! I would love a border collie but, whilst I have a lot of space I wouldn't have the discipline to give a BC all the extensive and regular training and excitement he would need. I would be interested to know how you decided on your top 10 watch and guard dogs.

        • GardenerDon profile image

          Gardener Don 4 years ago

          I really enjoyed your lens here. I discovered you from the HQ forum. I'd have loved to see my favorite breed - the English Bulldog listed. btw If this is an example of your "troubles" then you don't have an "fixing" to do!!!

        • HalloweenRecipes profile image

          HalloweenRecipes 4 years ago

          White German Shepherd Dogs are my favorite breed. My Shepherd was the sweetest and most loving boy, but no one could ever mess with me!

        • profile image

          anonymous 4 years ago

          I have two chihuahuas. Very good watchdogs. Also very protective. My husband now wants a Doberman too. He's the one who brought the chihuahuas home. P.S. one is 15 pound of muscle.

        • profile image

          anonymous 4 years ago

          I had two brothers that were German Shepherd/Rotweiller mix. One of them was an excellent guard dog but the other was just a big softy! Unfortunately, the guard dog brother died; I still have the gentle natured one and he is a good watch dog.

        • Amy617 profile image

          Amy617 4 years ago

          All these dogs are cute. I have a toy poodle.

        • profile image

          anonymous 4 years ago

          My favourite breed as dual watch and guard dog is the Maremma. As a livestock guardian dog it is always on the lookout for danger, but doesn't bark at known visitors (such as the postman) unlike terriers. It will also defend you to the death if need be. BUT you need to have a lot of land and understand that this is a dog used to making its own decisions, so don't expect it to be instantaneously obedient or subservient.

        • blue autumn profile image

          blue autumn 4 years ago

          as long as the dog is bigger than a rat ill be happy!

        • profile image

          anonymous 5 years ago

          I had a German Shepherd which I really loved and now I have a Doberman and love her also.

        • thegrowlinggour profile image

          thegrowlinggour 5 years ago

          Great lens & information. Thank you

        • profile image

          anonymous 5 years ago

          I definitely think Dalmatians should be included here. I have a Dalmatian, and they are an extremely intelligent breed. They are very social, but they can also be trained very well. They are fiercely loyal to and protective of their families. And if they do attack an intruder, they have one of the worst bites of any dog breed.

        • jholland profile image

          jholland 5 years ago

          I love Border Collies. Can't keep up with their energy. Also loved my Husky mix very much. Sadly, she was not good with kids so I could not own a dog like her now that I have a child.

        • siobhanryan profile image

          siobhanryan 5 years ago

          I love westies and german shepherds-I have one of each, great lens.

        • AlphaChic profile image

          AlphaChic 5 years ago

          Miniature Pinschers. They also make top-notch watch dogs, and if you don't believe me, just ask them!

        • profile image

          StrongMay 5 years ago

          Have you considered adding a pomeranian to your list? Small but fierce little things, they make you want to touch them, but beware: they bite.

        • Scotties-Rock profile image

          Clairissa 5 years ago from OREFIELD, PA

          Great Lens! As a dog lover it was fun to read. I am happy to see the Scottish Terrier ranked #3 for best watch dog. As I own 2 and can confess to this. They strategically perch themselves on chairs located in the front of our house to monitor all activity outside. They alert us with their deep bark. Better then any security system. :)

          Thanks for the great info.

          Just wanted to mention that I do find Scotties priceless, but the Amazon price on this lens is really expensive for a book. Amazon Price: $285.26 (as of 11/25/2011)Buy Now

        • ShariBerry profile image

          Sharon Berry 6 years ago from Michigan

          I own German Wirehaired Pointers and they are a very protective breed when it comes to their yard and their family. You are right about the little dogs being watch dogs as they will certainly let you know when someone approachs. I enjoyed reading your lens....nice job.

        • profile image

          anonymous 6 years ago

          You've a wonderful dog lens .. dear Yourshowman. I love everything you've presented here. 5 stars for you. Have wonderful times.. dear lovely lady :)

        • jvsper63 profile image

          jvsper63 6 years ago

          Labrador Retriever. Love the lens, i think most of us love dogs.Well done!!

        • profile image

          sasori00 6 years ago

          I can only agree with the last two as real guard dogs. I've never seen a chihuahua used as a guard dog, but they have been used to detect drugs. Because of their small size, they can get into areas that other dogs can't. Also, I would have to add the Belgian Malinois, it is second only to the German Shepherd for law enforcement work. Nice lens. Keep up the good work!

        • KristyMoon profile image

          KristyMoon 6 years ago

          As a dog lover- I liked this lens...I was disappointed to not see the Golden Retreiver

        • profile image

          anonymous 6 years ago

          Enjoyable and informative lens.

        • patriciapeppy profile image

          patriciapeppy 6 years ago

          I have a chihuahua, He's five months old and cute as a button and smart too.

        • Everyday-Miracles profile image

          Everyday-Miracles 6 years ago

          I am a Rottie owner. My girl is just three months old (yesterday was her "birthday") and she's such an amazing dog (when she isn't barking at the cats lol).

          It should be pointed out, however, that Rotties aren't disease-free. They are prone to hip and elbow displasia which can be catastrophic.

        • pheonix76 profile image

          pheonix76 6 years ago from WNY

          I was surprised by this list --- I have never hear of a Chihuahua as a guard dog. :D A good watch dog needs an intimidating bark, lol. My choco lab puppy is already a good watch dog, and her bark is very deep for a puppy! Thanks for the lens, beautiful dogs. :)

        • Sheryl Polomka profile image

          Sheryl Polomka 6 years ago

          I have a Rhodesian Ridgeback and although he is a giant lap dog and very placid - just the size and look of him is enough to scare most people! He does have a good bark on him to :)

        • GoodinDevelopme profile image

          GoodinDevelopme 6 years ago

          We have a German shorthaired pointer that was our guard dog, so I decided we needed something a little more substantial. So we got a Doberman. But it turns out she's the rare Doberman Kisser who is a big scaredy cat. So now our German shorthair has to protect us and her. She looks tough, guess that counts for something. Nice lens!

        • profile image

          anonymous 6 years ago

          My favorite is the German Shepherd for a guard dog.

        • profile image

          anonymous 6 years ago

          I love just about any dog, they are just precious.