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What Are Tortoises Afraid Of?

Updated on October 7, 2014

A List of the Tortoise's Predators

Have you ever wondered what tortoises are afraid of, who their natural predators are, or even what they are naturally protected from? I mean, they do carry their rather well enforced homes on their backs. They can go long periods of time with no food and water. They can burrow and go underground. They may not have teeth but they still pack a mean bite. They can even run away...albeit not fast like a cougar or anything, but they can haul if they need to. It seems as though the turtle doesn't have much at all to be afraid of...except a flood maybe?

I wonder what tortoises are afraid of...

Birds Are A Baby Sulcata Tortoise's Biggest Predator

Tortoises don't have to be afraid of much when they are are full grown, with their thick skin and fully hardened shell to protect them. However, when they are babies, they realize naturally, instinctively maybe, that things that are bigger than them can hurt them. There are several ways. Birds of Prey can swoop down and easily pick up a baby tortoise to take home for a snack. This explains why tortoises love to hide in cactus patches, preventing birds of prey from swooping in on them. When they are out in the wild roaming, sun bathing, being all cute, they are completely vulnerable to birds of prey. Their instincts teach them to hide from shadows. You will notice as tortoises grow old, they will almost always duck into their shells when there is a passing shadow.

Tortoises Cannot Survive In The Snow

A Tortoise is not a big fan of the snow. Its cold, and tortoises prefer to be at 70 or more degrees. Snow can also close off a tortoises burrow and cause suffocation. The cold and moisture that comes along with cold and snowy weather can also lead to long term respiratory illness, goopy eyes, and dreadful pyramiding from improper sunlight exposure. Tortoises are definitely afraid of the cold. For More information about why I do not think Tortoises should not have to live where its cold please check out my blog post Can A Tortoise Survive In The Snow?

If you live somewhere it snows, please think about getting a house for your tortoise and installing the proper heating and lighting required for them to survive.

Ants Are A Juvenile Sulcata Tortoise's Predator

When tortoises are babies, until their skin thickens and forms the protective shield they need to survive bites and stings, the tortoise's largest predator is the ant. Ants can swarm smaller tortoises biting and devouring them because there skin is still very thin. Therefore, leaving small tortoises unattended in a backyard is never a good idea because ants can attack and they may have nowhere to go.

Obey The Tortoise - Tortoises Are Afraid Of Cars

Tortoises are cute. So are tortoise lovers. I like to decorate my yard. I know that my tortoise can't see it, but it sure is entertaining to have people come over and comment on my tortoise crossing sign. I get to smile slyly, take them around the corner and show them my giant sulcata tortoise.

Oh did you know that tortoises are afraid of cars

Wild Animals Are Predators To The Sulcata Tortoise

Wild animals such as coyotes, wolves, and mountain lions are all predators of tortoises. From babies through adulthood, tortoises can be threatened by these creatures in the wild. It is important to never let a captive tortoises looses for many reasons, but including that they have no defense skills against these wild animals. Wild animals are often underfed and will prey on anything that is warm and has a pulse. This applies to tortoises. Therefore most tortoises inherently move slow to prevent from sticking out to wild animals and things that are low to the ground and can pounce. Tortoises are naturally disguising themselves as rocks. Silly tortoises. Next time you see a moving rock in the desert, it is more than likely a tortoise.

I love Tortoises

I really think a tortoise is the best forever pet for the right type of people. Its important to do research on your tortoise before you bring it home so that you can provide it the best care and home possible. Education is the most important factor when it comes to raising tortoises as pets.

What Are Tortoises Afraid Of - What Are A Tortoises Predators?

What Are Tortoises Most Afraid Of?

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Why Did The Tortoises Cross The Road? - Tortoises Should Be Afraid Of Cars!

Tortoises should be afraid of cars, because they naturally like to wander all around. However, I don't think the thought often crosses their tiny simple minds. But really, cars can run a tortoise over if they happen to be harmlessly crossing the road...

I am not really sure what this tortoise was thinking nor the person filming it for that matter. I just hope that other tortoises learn...not to cross the road!

Obey Your Tortoise

It is said that tortoises can be spirit guides. Listen to your tortoise when he tells you to do something.

Is There Anything You Can Think Of That Tortoises Should Be Afraid Of? - Leave Me A Comment About Tortoise Predators

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