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Brittany Dog Breed Facts and Information

Updated on May 9, 2011

The History of The Brittany

Although there are many theories, historians really aren't quite sure where Brittanys actually even originated from. Some people believe that the Brittany first came along in the country of France. Then there's talk that these Sporting Dogs are from Spain. Well, where ever the Brittany was born might start up some controversy, it is widely thought that the Brittany is in fact but a mix between a bitch English Red and White Setter with a dog Breton or an Irish Setter and Pointer.

After Brittany’s had begun springing up with a few of the city locals in Paris, France for about five years, Brittany's first became an official dog breed in France back in the year of 1905. Now, for the past century these red headed Gundogs have made themselves the number one dog breed in all of France, and they still remain the French dog of choice today.

On the other hand, Brittany's have resided in the United States for eighty years, but very little Americans have ever even heard of such a dog breed, let alone recall ever seeing an actual Brittany. Brittany's may not be the top dog of choice in the United States, but if more Americans actually new just a bit more on this breed, I would guarantee you that these pooches would noticeably rise in their popularity as pets in the states.


Appearance, Health, and Life Span

Brittany's have a signature look for their red and white liver patterned like coats, but Brittany's also come in varieties of tricolors and black and white coats that are in designs of roan and liver. Their fur is also of a medium length, and Brittany's flaunt soft, sleek, shaggy, light, and subtlety fluffy fur that requires moderate grooming from time to time. Just like their coats, these Sporting Dogs also carry a variety of eye colors as well which fall within variations of browns, light browns, greens, hazels, and reddish browns.

These popular red headed French dogs have slightly deeper chests against gradual slopes up to moderately thin waists. They have large floppy ears that are high set on their semi square shaped heads. Brittany's have naturally shorter tails, but their tails are still popularly docked despite already being short. The Brittany has very expressive stunning eyes that translate a character of loyalty.

Brittany's are often compared to Spaniels since they look so alike to these dogs to the point that many people even refer to Brittany's as Spaniels. Technically Brittany's are actually more like Pointers and Setters than anything else. When considering the similar hunting styles and traits that have obviously been passed down to Brittany’s, they resemble Pointers and Setters more than Spaniels by a long shot.

These beautiful Gundogs tend to weigh within 30 to 40 pounds. The Brittany has withers usually around 17 to 20 inches. Brittany's are considered to be small medium to medium sized dogs.

Generally Brittany’s live life spans from 12 to 15 years. As long as these Sporting Dogs are given the proper exercise that they require, they tend to live nice healthy lives. Brittany's usually don't have many major health issues, but they are at a genetic disposition to a few health concerns like many purebred dogs are notorious for developing. The main hereditary health concern that Brittany's have from time to time is Canine Hip Dysplasia.

Temperament, Exercise, and Training

These French dogs are known for having attractive temperaments to them. They're very fun loving pets that are gentle and interact great with children. Thanks to the Brittany's loving and caring temperament, they make a great choice of dogs for families with young children, toddlers, and even people of all ages pretty much in general. For those who are sick or very elderly, I would not recommend owning a Brittany since they often require fair amounts of exercise in order to stay both physically and mentally healthy.

Brittany's have fairly decent levels of intelligence, so for the most part they're easy dogs to train. For people who love hunting this is one hundred percent the dog breed for you. Since Brittany's were bred to retrieve birds and other dead or wounded animals, it should be quite apparent that they're fast learners out on the open fields like most any other Gundog and Sporting Dog breeds. In particularly when there are experienced hunting dogs as examples of what do out on the field, Brittany's learn how to hunt and point in the precise manner at pleasing rates.

For individuals and families who live moderately to highly active lifestyles Brittany's are an amazing option as your jogging, Frisbee, or hiking companion. Not only will Brittany's keep you good company while getting out and enjoying a good run or even a swim but they'll also serve as wonderfully trustworthy and loyal friends.

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