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Updated on December 1, 2016

Whippet, dog originating in the north of England, where it was much used for races, being capable of tremendous speeds

The whippet was probably produced by crossing a Terrier with the Italian Greyhound, and then breeding back to the English greyhound. It is bred in various colours, including black, red, white, fawn and brindle, and its appearance is that of a greyhound in miniature.

Its head is long and lean, with small rose-shaped ears, long, muscular neck, deep, capacious chest, long back, arched over the loins; the forelegs are moderately long, and the hind-quarters strong and broad with muscular thighs; the tail is long and tapering.

The height is about 47 cm for dogs, 44 cm for bitches, and the weight 9 to 10 kg.


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