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Why Dogs Love Bubbles

Updated on April 15, 2015

Do dogs really like dog bubbles?

It must be instinctual because every dog, no matter size, shape, breed or age, seems to get excited once they see some colorful dog bubbles floating through the air. All of a sudden, the bone a once-content dog was chewing falls to the ground and the new, immediate goal is to pop each and every one of those floating treats. Of course, what makes this fun bubble-popping game even more irresistible is when the dog bubbles are scented with bacon or chicken scents.

Good thing all that bubble popping is actually good for dogs. You'll see your dog chasing, jumping and chomping to get at those bubbles. And that all adds up to some great exercise - so encourage your dog to run after those bubbles and try to pop each and every last one of them! If you're not the bubble-blowing type, that's okay too. Luckily there are plenty of bubble blowers designed especially for dogs. There are dog bubble machines that blow giant bubbles or bubble shooters that blow mini bubbles, and lots of fun bubble scents like bacon or chicken.

Dog toy manufacturers are catching on to the fact that, plain and simple, dogs love bubbles and just can't seem to get enough of them. So dog owners can look forwards to lots of new and interesting dog bubble machines, blowers, shooters, guns all designed to blow scented bubbles to your dog - and giving him or her some great exercise at the same time!

Dog Bubble Machines and blowers

Here is a quick rundown of the various dog bubble machines, blowers and scented bubbles that are available on the market today. Some are battery-powered, some are hand-powered but all of them blow a ton of scented (like bacon or chicken) bubbles that will no doubt drive your pooch wild! Best of all, ALL the dog bubbles featured here are 100% non toxic and safe for dogs (and even kids too...not that you want your kid smelling like bacon but sometimes when the family dog is having so much fun, junior wants in on it too!)

bacon bubble machine
bacon bubble machine | Source

Bubbletastic dog bubble machine with bacon bubbles

Bubbletastic is the ultimate for dogs who LOVE popping bubbles. Just fill the machine up with the included bacon bubbles, turn it on and watch as a windstorm of colorful bubbles is made to entertain your dog! includes an 8oz bottle of bacon-scented bubbles and works on 4AA batteries (not included). Retail price: $19.95.

Here's a video of the Bubbletastic Bacon Bubble Machine in Action! - Dogs Love Bacon Bubbles!

dog bubble gun
dog bubble gun
Doggy Incredibubbles
Doggy Incredibubbles

Fetch-A-Bubble Micro Bubble Blaster

This one is fun in that it blows a ton of chicken-scented teeny tiny little bubbles all over the place. There will be so many bubbles you dog won't know which one to pop first! Decisions, decisions... But, don't worry, your dog won't be deliberating long - those chicken-scented bubbles are awfully tempting! The Micro Bubble Blaster is easy to work - just pull the trigger! If you run out of bubbles, just unscrew the bottle of bubbles and refill with more doggy bubbles! Includes a 4oz. bottle of chicken-scented bubbles. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included). Retail price: $14.95.

Doggy Incredibubbles

The fun thing about these dog bubbles is that they don't pop when they touch the ground. So, if your dog misses some bubbles in the air, he or she will have a second chance to pounce on them after they touch the ground. These bubbles are peach-scented and you may wonder, do dogs even like peaches? Well, we can tell you that we have heard many, many rave reviews from dog owners about how much their dogs Looooove this product! There's no fancy blower with this one though, you'll have to go old school and use the included bubble wand. But, hey, that's fun too! Retail price: $3.95.

bubble buddy
bubble buddy

Bubble Buddy

The Bubble Buddy is a popular bubble blower because it requires no batteries - you power it each time you pull the trigger! So, if you want to blow some bacon-scented bubbles to your dog all you have to do is fill up the bubble chamber with bubble solution and then pull the trigger. Then you can watch your pooch frantically try to chomp all those floating treats! Includes a 4oz. bottle of bacon-scented bubbles. Batteries not required. Retail price: $12.95.

Bubbletastic bacon-scented bubbles

These are refill bubbles that can be used with the Bubbletastic dog bubble machine or with any bubble machine or bubble blower. It's an 8oz. bottle which can last a good bit, however, a completely bubble-obsessed dog can go through that in just a few afternoons! The bubbles are bacon-scented and along with being non toxic they are also tear-free. Retail price: $8.95.

chicken dog bubbles
chicken dog bubbles

Fetch-A-Bubble Chicken-Scented Bubbles

This 4oz. refill bottle fits perfectly into the Fetch-A-Bubble Micro Bubble Blaster but can also be used to fill up any bubble machine or bubble blower. Also includes a wand so you can just blow bubbles right from the bottle. The bubbles are chicken scented and delightfully irresistible to dogs!

On April 14th, 2012 AND On July 17, 2012 This Lens Was Blessed by Squid Angels!

We are very proud to say that this is our fourth lens to be blessed! Thank you very much to TopMovieSoundtracks and to rainbowruffles for blessing this lens.

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Does Your Dog Like Popping Bubbles?

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    • KayeSI profile image


      7 years ago

      Very cute! My local granddogs like bubbles but don't chase them. I'll have to try this with my long distance granddog. Thanks for an interesting lens!

    • KayeSI profile image


      7 years ago

      My local granddogs like to see them but don't really chase them. After this cute lens, I'll have to give it a try with my more adventurous granddog, next time I visit. :)

    • ActiveDogToys profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Cool Adrienne - Thanks! :)

    • Adrienne Jenkins profile image

      Adrienne Jenkins 

      7 years ago

      I hadn't heard of chicken flavored bubbles. Cool beans. Added as a feature lens to my dog ball launcher lens.


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