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Why Goldfish Change Color | Turn White, Black or Gold

Updated on March 19, 2014

Black Moor Goldfish can change its color from black to golden orange.

Unknown to many, goldfish change or turn its color from gold orange to white or from black to orange. Usually goldfish gradually change their color over time but sometimes it will only take overnight to change their color.

Goldfish is a freshwater fish that came from cyprinidae family. The normal color of goldfish are combinations of red, orange, white, yellow black and brown.

There are many reasons why goldfish change or turn its color. Some reason are normal and nothing to worry about but some are serious and need immediate attention.

Photo Credits to By KDBlackmore , via Wikimedia Commons

Different Reasons Why Goldfish Change its Colors

  1. Genetics - A black moor can change its color and became orange due to genetics. Usually, the black moor that was breed from common goldfish will turn orange as it gets older.
  2. Foods - If the nutrients on the food was not absorbed by the goldfish, they will starved and it will turn their color pale, therefore a high quality of food is needed to maintain the color of goldfish.
  3. Antibiotics - Fish will turn pale also after the use of antibiotics because, the antibiotics kill not only the bad bacteria, but also the good bacteria present on goldfish. To correct this, you must give the goldfish probiotics after treatment of antibiotics.
  4. Parasites - If the fish have parasites like , it will make their color dull and they will be inactive. Internal worms can also cause them to look pale.
  5. Natural healing - When the goldfish was transferred from different location, or you buy them from the store, you will notice that there are black spots on their body. This black spots usually be gone after 2 weeks, this signals that the fish are strong and healthy and on the process of naturally healing their bodies.
  6. Location - It is widely believe that goldfish that were stored away from sunlight or UV rays will make their color lighter than natural like orange.
  7. PH Drop - Clean water is necessary, if the water is not clean, it will affect the normal ph of water and will cause the fish to become pale and dull in color. If the ph of water was drop due to poor water circulation and absence of oxygen pump, you should replace the water every 2 days and make sure that the fish are not overly crowded.

No need to worry if

the goldfish turns or change its color and you did not notice any changes on its activity, like, it is still active, swimming fast, begging for foods when you come closer, Stop worrying because its normal and very common.

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The only reason you have to worry about goldfish that changes their color is when they have parasites. Its an emergency situation for your goldfish and should be treated immediately, but remember after the treatment, the fish needs high quality of foods and probiotics to make them active and normal again.

If one day your goldfish change its color due to genetics

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