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Why I feed Taste of the Wild Cat Food

Updated on March 8, 2013

Taste of the Wild has given me happy, healthy cats!

You might not be aware that grain isn't good for your cat, and that corn in particular can be detrimental to his health.

Cats are "obligate carnivores." They should eat a diet that consists only of meat whenever possible, but when purchasing a commercial cat food, your cat must have a food that is as high in protein as possible, and which contains no grain.

The Taste of the Wild Official Website

What brings you here?

What are your reasons for considering feeding your cat(s) Taste of the Wild?

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Cats with Skin Problems

My personal story

My husband and I have had cats as long as we have been together. I've always been a cat lover (even if I'm a dog person) and I enjoy the company and the simple affection of a purring feline.

The problem for our cats is that I have always believed that food didn't make that much of a difference. Didn't they all contain corn anyway? Was there a way to avoid it without the frustration of feeding raw (and having to concentrate so very much on the balance between nutrients that is accomplished with a commercial diet)? And hadn't we been advised by a vet that it didn't particularly matter?

When our little girl Sister began to lose fur, we were concerned. We discovered that she was pregnant, and took her to the vet to be spayed immediately (no flaming, please! Unwanted kittens are a huge issue!). The vet at the time said that the fur loss was a normal sign of stress and that it would probably not go away.

At the same time, our other cats were showing signs of serious skin issues. We blamed fleas, and treated and treated the cats. No fleas, but nothing changed, and still the vet did not recommend a change in diet.

Whisper and Monster -- Our Cats on Taste of the Wild
Whisper and Monster -- Our Cats on Taste of the Wild

How a Dog Made us Change our Cat Food

My personal story, continued...

Several months ago, my husband and I decided to get a dog... a very large dog. I've been having some issues with feeling secure in my own home and I felt that having a dog to help guard the family would make me feel safer (and it did). When we finally picked up our puppy, I did a lot of research on dog foods. I thought that the food that the breeder had her on (Eukanuba) was one of the best. The research proved me wrong. I found Taste of the Wild and started her on it right away.

The changes in my little Rottweiler puppy were almost instantaneous. She had fewer accidents, her stools were firmer and much less smelly. Her coat was gleaming with health and once her shed cycle was finished, her skin was in much, much better condition. Most of all, I found that the amount of food she ate was significantly smaller than what she had been eating.

I liked the changes, and I wanted to switch the cats to a premium brand of cat food. I knew that it would cost us more, and that worried me. I wasn't sure where we were going to get the cash reserves to feed four cats a premium food. I thought we would go through a lot of food with so many animals in the house eating it.

It turned out I was wrong.

We chose Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Feline - More of my personal story...

I found that Taste of the Wild feline blends were a bit difficult to find. Generally speaking, we shop at Tractor Supply for our pet foods, but we recently switched to a pet store that allows us to "log" the bags that we're buying and get the 11th free (through Taste of the Wild, not the pet store). The store didn't have a lot of selection, and so we came home with Rocky Mountain feline.

At first I was a bit hesitant about the product. Our puppy was doing well on it, but we did have four hungry cats to feed with this food, and they went through a lot of the store brand stuff (as much as one twenty-five pound bag every week and a half). Given the cost of the natural cat food that we were now trying, I worried that it wouldn't be sustainable in the long run.

It didn't take long for me to be surprised. I bought that bag of cat food nearly three weeks ago, am feeding four cats, and it's only half gone. At the current rate the cats are eating the food, I stand to save $10 a month by having switched to a premium brand of cat food! Who would have known?

Sissy on Taste of the Wild
Sissy on Taste of the Wild

Sissy's Fur Came Back!!

The Miracle of Grain-Free!

My cats have been eating Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Feline for about three weeks now, and the most amazing thing has happened! Not only have all four cats seen a significant improvement in their dermatitis, but Sister has begun to grow her fur back!

I honestly never thought that it would be possible for her to improve so much. I had thought that I would forever be avoiding getting pictures of her back end (where most of the hair loss had occurred) and that I would be embarrassed to show what few photos I had. Not any more! Sister is beginning to regain the fur that she lost during her intact days!

Canyon River Feline Blend

Taste of the Wild feline comes in two flavors: The Rocky Mountain feline blend that we are currently feeding and the Canyon River blend. We have not tried the Canyon River and because cats should not have their foods switched frequently, we probably will not be. The flavor you choose for your cat is up to you. In this case, you might choose the Canyon River if you know that your cat has a preference for fish flavored cat foods.

Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Grain-Free Dry Cat Food with Roasted Venison & Smoked Salmon 15lb
Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Grain-Free Dry Cat Food with Roasted Venison & Smoked Salmon 15lb

I haven't actually tried the Canyon River cat food, and I probably won't be giving it a try. Cats really should be kept on the same diet consistently rather than having changes in their food. Unlike with our dog, I don't like to change the cats' diet very often!

Just looking at the ingredients list on this food, however, I can say that this is a high quality food, particularly for those cats who prefer the taste of fish. Remember that when feeding your pet, your pet's preference for flavor should be taken into account!


Should you Feed Commercial or Raw? - You be the judge

Cats need meat in their diet. Forget the vegetarian blends of cat food: cats aren't human, and they have a high protein and fat requirement by comparison. The best diet for your cat consists only of meat in various forms. Cats do not require grains or vegetables in their food. Most commercial cat foods, however (including Taste of the Wild), do contain vegetation of one sort or another.

If you can feed raw, I am of the opinion that you probably should. Careful shopping can result in a raw diet costing less than purchasing a commercial blend of cat food (depending on the commercial blend that you are feeding), and it is a nutritionally superior diet for your cat. There is no question that in terms of nutrition, you can do better for your cat than any commercial company.

What I had to consider in making my decision, however, was the complexity of nutrition. Did I really want to get out a scale and weigh the meat, know the different nutritional values of different types of meat (poultry, fish, red meat and byproducts such as eggs) and then portion it correctly, plus deal with my cats fighting over the best bits of food? Honestly, the learning curve was too steep for me, and I decided that feeding a commercial cat food was better for my cats than the risk of me doing something wrong in their diet. My family already has sugar gliders and I have to obsess over ratios enough to feed them.

For my family, a commercial cat food was the right choice. In our case, we feed Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain feline blend.

Should you feed a commercial cat food or a raw diet?

Clear Skin, Shiny Coats, Happy Cats

Monster on Taste of the Wild Cat Food
Monster on Taste of the Wild Cat Food

Three weeks after starting on Taste of the Wild, our cats coats and skin are really improving. That's Monster in the picture above. Please note that I am not a photographer and generally take awful pictures. My camera isn't cheap (it's a 10 megapixel camera after all) but it's not the greatest camera on the market. It really doesn't do him justice. He is a beautiful tuxedo cat and his coat is now gleaming. It has never been this shiny in all of his life (he was born in our house, so I'd know!). All of our cats have seen real improvement!

I really wish I could get some better pictures! This was taken last week.

What do you feed your cats?

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Please share your experiences with Taste of the Wild feline blends. Try to keep your comments on the topic of this brand of cat food. I do check all of my comments before they are posted to the page, and I won't allow spam to be posted here. On-topic comments are very helpful both to me and to visitors.

You may feel free to talk about my review and ask questions about my own experiences. I'm happy to share with you, and if you think that there is something I can do to improve this page, I would love to know about it!

What are your experiences with Taste of the Wild?

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Skin and coat problems caused by grain in the cat's food is something I've never considered.

      Yet another reason felines should eat what is natural for them. Thank you very much for making this lens.


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