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Can dogs read thoughts? Should they eat raw meat? Can an Alsatian do a Border Collie's job?

Updated on February 3, 2016
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Do dogs love you because they like your thoughts?

I bet that if you love dogs, you know that some dogs just gravitate towards you, and you don't know why. You also know if you're a dog owner, that your dogs seems to take a liking to some people, and other people just bring out the worst in her. Rupert Sheldrake did some experiments, and remains convinced that dogs can sense your intentions in some way. Read on to find out more about the famous telepathy experiments conducted by this scientist.

Man's best friend - in Ancient Egypt!


Man's Best Friend - Origin.

The relationship between man and dog started out somewhere around eleven to sixteen thousand years ago in Europe. This was the hunter/gatherer period before man started farming. There are three theories as to the origin of the dog - the red fox, the wolf, or the three South American foxes. Genetic evidence suggests that the wolf is the probable ancestor. You can read a more detailed history of the dog here.

Crossbreed or Designer Dog?

A designer dog is nothing more than a crossbreed. So it's a bit of a rip-off to be charged hundreds or thousands of dollars when a scant twenty or thirty years ago, these dogs would have been called mongrels.

My late mom would have a great laugh at this. You see, she was a breeder (her parents were farmers and that yen always ran through her), and we eventually had about five or six Alsatians and about two hundred various small dogs (Toy Poms, Miniature Dobermans, Toy Poodles and more). Sometimes after she had purchased a breeding dog she would notice that they were so inbred that they were weak. So their offspring would probably not be healthy. So she used to cross breed. She said it produced better stock. The South African Kennel Union did not like that at the time!

Today those doggies are called designer breeds.

"Isn't life strange with all it's twists and turns as all of us must sometimes learns?"

...Dog Telepathy and Rupert Sheldrake

Rupert Shelldrake is a world famous biologist who has written many science papers. He's also published some fascinating books. Some recent work raises the possibility that dogs are telepathic. He wrote a book called 'Dogs that know when their owners are coming home.' The book deals with the experiments that demonstrate how dogs have information that they could not possibly have known other than through some sense we currently do not understand.

Rupert Shelldrake Talks About Dog Telepathy

Rupert Shelldrake's Work on Telepathy - Dogs and Telepathy

Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home: Fully Updated and Revised
Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home: Fully Updated and Revised

This is one of the most fascinating books I've ever read. And your dog deserves for you to know this!


My 'clever dog' story. What's yours?

Everybody has a dog story, and I want to share one with you to demonstrate canine intelligence.

It's been more than half a century since Arrogant Ajax of Caneva, a German Shepherd, came into my life but, although he is long gone now, I think of him still. I think of his smile, his intelligence, his loyalty, and his love. And I think of the things he used to do.

He had such an unusual intelligence. For one, when he wanted to go outside, he used to stand up on two legs and use his front paw to push down the door handle to open the door. Of course, Arrogant is not the only dog to open doors. Many dogs do figure out how to open doors, but it is always fun to watch because it's not something we expect from life forms that aren't quite human! :)

One other thing about Arrogant, He knew right from wrong as this anecdote will tell you.

So what's your dog story? :)

The Story of How a Dog Let His Mates Out of Kennels at Night! - Dog opens doors

Guilty dog
Guilty dog

Do dogs have a conscience?

I have always wondered if dogs have a conscience. That's because of my childhood dog did something wrong and, although, I said nothing, he knew...

Some of our neighbors were scared of the thirteen or so Alsatians we kept, so my mom put up a six foot fence. One day, one of the neighbor's kids came along and threw stones at Arrogant (I was watching from the window). I guess the kid felt protected by that those high steel poles. Well, Arrogant did not like that. He took one look at the kid and sailed over those six feet, bit the kid, and sailed over the fence once more.

I rushed outside, just in time to see this giant German Shepherd land on the lawn (from his leap back over the fence). He looked up, saw me, and went into his "I'm-sorry-please-forgive-me" mode. He ran up to me, sat down, and offered me his paw to shake. I wasn't having any. Knowing that this spelled troubled times, I called my parent's business, told my mom what had happened, and she rushed home.

Here's what's interesting. Arrogant followed me around for the next three hours, sitting when I sat, offering me his paw, and looking at me with doleful eyes because I wouldn't shake his paw. Why do I think this in interesting? Because, up to that point, Arrogant had never bitten anybody, had no training about it, and couldn't possibly have known that we would be upset if he bit someone. And yet, he knew!

Arrogant has long gone now, to join the other doggies in the sky, but my love for dogs lives on. And through the years, when I think of him, I often wonder if he thought the way we do.

Do you have any stories which might indicate your dog might have a conscience?

Dogs eat meat and grass - no processed food.

Dogs are supposed to eat bones and meat. When they are ill, they will sometimes eat grass. The processed food that is marketed are not the natural diet of dogs. While manufacturers will tell you that the processed food is full of vitamins, it does not mean that flavored grains provides the same. In addition, these processed foods have only become the norm over the last forty or fifty years. Before that, most people fed their dogs raw meat and bones. You can read the story of how a pet owner cured her dog by feeding her dog the natural diet of a dog here.

How Smart is Your Dog? Dog training.

Dogs are pretty smart. You train them by giving them a reward (it's called positive reinforcement) when they have done what you have asked them to. First you have to show them what to do. For instance, if you wanted to train your dog to roll over, you would put him on the ground, say the words, 'roll over,' then roll him over, then reward him with a treat.

There are many different types of training, e.g. clicker training, electronic training, modal-rival training, or dominance based training. You can read more about dog training here.

Different breeds of dogs have different talents. For instance, German Shepherd dogs make the best guide dogs, the best rescue dogs, and the best drug-finder dogs. The Border Collie has a natural ability as a sheep dog, and although one can train other dogs to do this job, it just doesn't come naturally.

Faith, the two legged dog - Dog walking on two legs

Famous dogs

There have been, and continues to be, so many dogs who have done amazing things that it's extremely difficult to select which ones to mention. But I'm going to stick with those who make me realize just how incredible dogs can be.

How about Faith, a dog who walks on two legs. She was born with only one front leg and then later had to have her other front leg removed as it was atrophying. Faith learnt to walk upright on two legs and is probably the only dog who walks like you and I.

Jim, the wonder dog, had some rare abilities. While dogs are known to be color blind, Jim could select colors. He also understood whatever people wanted from him, despite the language they spoke to him in (telepathy?). So unusual were his abilities that he was examined by vets and scientists at the University of Missouri. Also difficult to believe, but Jim, apparently, picked out the winner in the Kentucky Derby for seven years in a row. He died on 18 March 1937 and is buried in Marshall with a plaque that reads, Jim the Wonder Dog.

Sergeant Stubby, the world's most decorated dog


Champion Puli Dog


Do you have a dog story?

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Dogs bring healing

Many studies have shown that when people are lonely or ill, having a dog alongside helps them to heal more easily. In addition, those who have suffered traumatic events in their lives, and who find it difficult to get along with others as a result, begin the healing process far more quickly when they have a dog as a companion.

© 2013 Tessa Schlesinger

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