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Grain Free Cat Food Could Stop Your Cat Vomiting

Updated on November 13, 2015

Holly the Golden Oldie Cat


Sometimes Cat Food Can Make Our Cats Sick and Why it Doesn't have to Be That Way

Why does your cat need grain free food? There can be many different reasons why you choose this direction, whether it be for their health or because you love your cat and want the best for it. For me it was a combination of the two. With a very poorly cat I had to find a better alternative to what she was eating. So with some research behind me I decided that grain and cereal free was the best way to go. This is why.

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How I found the Right Food for Holly

Finding the right food was a matter of trial and error which resulted in me trying every food on the Supermarket shelves over time. As I knew swapping and changing her food could also cause problems this was a difficult path.

Then finding while she loved them they all made her ill.

It was then I needed answers and had to delve deeper into what might help her.

Applaws Grain Free Dried Cat Food

5 stars for Applaws Grain Free Dried Cat Food

Cat Food


A Natural Free of Grain Alternative

Applaws Cat 80 Chicken Grain 5.5 lb Free Food (1 Pack), One Size
Applaws Cat 80 Chicken Grain 5.5 lb Free Food (1 Pack), One Size

Why Did I Change to Grain Free?

Holly was throwing up regularly. When my previous cat did that it turned out that she had kidney failure. So off to the vets with Holly. The diagnosis at the time was no kidney failure. The vet suggested I use one of their foods. I tried every one of their foods with varying results.

It ranged from there was no way was she going to touch that rubbish and would starve first to returning to throwing up again.

I was exasperated. She had already been through all the Supermarket brands of both wet and dry and the same results after a while she would be ill again.

Yet more trips to the vets, more bloods taken and no results.

Now what?


Applaws dried cats food is ideal as it is very natural and has only four ingredients in it. It also has 70% meat which is very unusual for a dried food.

Also it is not padded out with grains or cereals or sweeteners or anything like that so it is better for your cat.

The dried food is a complete and balanced meal. Some of the tins are complimentary only but it should say this in the pack.

The downside at least for the golden oldies is that the food hasn't got many flavours.

There are additional nutrients and fatty acids to make the skin and coat really healthy. My cats fur became very soft when changing to this. They are very careful to put the right amount of protein in for the cats needs depending on age.

I found buying the food on line much cheaper than buying the food locally. The pack comes in a good quality sturdy bag with a re zip plastic lock. I found these locks did break over time.


Researching the Alternatives

I researched all the ingredients in all the supermarket foods. I then did some internet searches on cats, cat food and why they might be ill and double checked what cats should eat (would have been doing this throughout the problem).

The vet hadn't mentioned any issues with grains or cereals and there was no certainty that it was was it was. It was difficult as you are not supposed to swap and change cats food about just like that.

As a cats natural diet is meat it made sense that Holly should be eating a high protein diet that consisted mainly of meat.

I phoned my sister who although has dogs is up on the best brands and more natural foods and came away with a list.

Why Supermarket or Superstore Cat Foods Are Now The Best for Our Cats

Supermarket foods are great and many cats do fine on them but there are a few issues with them.

They are cheap and to maintain the lower costs many have fillers or only a low proportion of meats. They often have additives. They also contain things like grains. Some are low in protein or low in any nutrition of any kind..

I have heard it said that feeding our cats on these foods is the equivalent to feeding ourselves only on fast food and takeaways.

My Criteria for Hollys New Food

Armed with a set of things that were wrong for cats I came up with a new criteria

  1. Must be both grain and cereal free as this is not good for cats. Also many cats are allergic to these things and they can make cats ill.
  2. Must be high in protein as this is near to the cats natural diet.
  3. Must be good value and not cheap nor expensive
  4. Must not contain other additives just in case I was wrong.
  5. Must contain proper meat and what it said. Ie say chicken and only contain about 13% or so which is what I was finding most of the cheap brands were doing.
  6. Must be easily obtainable so I don't have to keep changing her food any more.
  7. Holly must love it as I couldn't keep giving or throwing away unused food!

Grain Free Food

Do You Feed Your Cat Grain Free Food?

Do You Feed Your Cat Grain Free Food?

See results

I Nearly Fainted!

So off to the shops for me armed with the list. These foods cost maybe treble what the supermarket foods cost and then some!

In theory I would do anything for my cat, in practice I couldn't run to £60 (approx $101) per month for cat food as opposed to £15 ($25).

I was devastated. Now convinced that this was the issue, it seemed I would have to give her up for her best interests but first there were only two more foods I could try. One was a better value shops own brand which worked well until they stopped making it.

The other was Applaws. It filled all my criteria and yet didn't cost the earth. In the shop it was about £15 (now £17.50) which was reasonable. But I found that by getting it on-line this dropped considerably, especially if you put it on subscription. And I didn't have to pay postage Yay!

So that is what I did.

A Review of Applaws cat tood

What do You feed Your Cat?

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    • Snowsprite profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from Cornwall, UK

      Thanks also later in life the cats can have more illnesses due to the cheap food, I bit like us living on junk food I guess.

    • prairieprincess profile image

      Sharilee Swaity 

      2 years ago from Canada

      @Snowsprite, I can relate so much! I have had similar problems with my furbabies. Two out of three of my cats had a tendecy to throw up often. As well, their poop used to stink up my house like crazy. Like you, I started searching for some answers. Now, we pay twice as much on cat food as we used. Just recently, I tried going back to a cheaper brand, and the poop and vomit started again. I will also check out the brank you mentioned in your article. We use BFF food wet food, and they love it, and the house loves it, too! Take care. Nice to meet a fellow cat lover!


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