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Why Your Dog Really Is Your Bestfriend

Updated on May 9, 2016

It's been a long day. Your feet hurt. Your brain hurts. Your feelings might hurt. Everything hurts. You drag yourself out of the car and up to the front door. You unlock the door and walk in. Who is standing there, with unwavering faithfulness, very excited to see you? Your dog of course.

Your dog is the one being that you can count on to love you unconditionally. He honestly doesn't mind what you look like, pretty or plain, short or tall, fat or skinny. He doesn't care what you eat or what you watch on television. Your political views and taste in music are frankly irrelevant to him. Your quirks and imperfections are all the more to love.

All your dog cares about is your company. All he wants is to see you, and smell you, love you, even when you don't want to see, smell, or love him. He is the most loving being on this earth. He will always love you unconditionally even when you probably don't deserve it. It's a blessing to have such a selfless companion. If we would all learn to be a little more like dogs the world would be a better place.

© 2016 Summer Pope


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