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Winston The Rescue Miniature Schnauzer Finds A Forever Home!

Updated on November 11, 2014
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SheilaSchnauzies is a Miniature Schnauzer rescuer, writer, crochet designer, gardener, crafter, wife, mom & friend living in Omaha, NE.

Winston, A Beautiful, Friendly Miniature Schnauzer Boy Lost His Home...

Since 1998, my Miniature Schnauzer rescue, Sheila's Schnauzies, has rescued, rehabilitated and placed somewhere over 50 dogs for adoption. Yesterday, we added one more little sad boy - Winston. His story is all too familiar. Winston spent most of his life with a "little old lady" and sadly, she passed away. When her home was sold, the new owners said "Oh sure, we'll keep the little dog, he's cute!"

The house was near the Council Bluffs, Iowa animal shelter, so the workers there were familiar with Winston and recognized him when they saw him wandering the streets last summer. On returning him to his home, they were told, "Oh why don't you just go on and take him." And with that, Winston entered the "rescue system."

He was adopted in June of 2012 by a lady and her daughter, and things seemingly were going well until financial difficulties hit and their home was foreclosed. Last week an email plea went out to the rescue network in the area for someone to take Winston in.

Winston (In Blue Sweater) Is Adjusting Well At His Foster Home!

Winston (In Blue Sweater) Is Adjusting Well At His Foster Home!
Winston (In Blue Sweater) Is Adjusting Well At His Foster Home!

Welcome To Rescue, Winston!

About two years ago I made the very difficult decision to stop taking any more rescue animals into my home. I was undergoing two hip replacements and I was just physically unable to deal with new dogs and their care. I decided the best thing for me to do was to recruit volunteers for my rescue to serve as foster parents for dogs like Winston, so that's exactly what I did!

So when the plea went out, I gladly volunteered to take Winston into our rescue. I knew I had foster homes for him to go to, and I was confident he would be an adoptable boy.

On Sunday, another rescue worker picked Winston up from the surrendering owners. In many cases of owner surrenders, we charge a surrender fee to cover the inevitable vet expenses we will incur. In Winston's case, it was out of the question so we would take on his financial responsibility.

I went over to the rescue worker's house, taking my Schnauzer, Ladybug. The rescue worker, Lou, works with therapy dogs to certify them, and I wanted her opinion of Ladybug's potential as a therapy dog. (She thought Lady would be awesome!) In a quiet room in her basement, we made the introduction of Winston to Ladybug and that went very well. I sniff you, you sniff me, wag-wag, sniff-sniff some more, wag some more... you get the idea! That's a good meet.

I did a quick evaluation on Winston. This involves things like palpating his whole body for lumps and bumps, checking for mats, looking into his ears, looking at his teeth, and seeing how well he tolerated all of that (he did!) Another good sign, the behavior part, but physically he had a lot of problems. The biggest was that he was matted to the skin almost everywhere, and he had a "faux tail" - a 3" long tail that was actually just a huge mat. How fun to carry around, I'm sure.

I placed Winston on his back on my lap, a submission test, which he cheerfully allowed for a tummy scratch. Winston was good stuff on the behavior end!

After a nice visit with Lou, we loaded Winston into a crate in my car, Ladybug assumed her perch in the front seat, and off we drove to my house.

Before leaving, I had crated my daughter's one year old German Shepherd dog puppy, Macie. She doesn't like strange dogs one bit. I put Winston in the fenced back yard to let him run off some stress for awhile, allowing my four miniature schnauzers to join him. He got along fine with everyone and just blended right in to the pack. Good dog!

You Say... - Come On, You Can Tell Me!

Koby, Another Rescue Schnauzer
Koby, Another Rescue Schnauzer

Time For A Cleanup!

Next on Winston's agenda was a major bathie! I gently massaged his sore, matted body with warm water and WEN, the cleansing conditioner I use on my own hair. It works wonders on dogs' hair making it silky smooth and detangled. I was hoping to save as much of Winston's hair as I could. The old boy seemed to enjoy the bath, and he was then dispatched to the "playpen" to dry for a while. Meanwhile it was time to fix dinner for my husband, who was due to arrive soon, and clean up the kitchen!

After dinner, I got my grooming stuff together and grabbed Winston. By then it was 7 pm and my volunteer was due to pick up Winston at 9 pm. I had my work cut out for me!

Luckily Winston tolerated the clippers very well, and we made short work of most of the rats and mats, along with that dreadful "faux tail!" His ears were a complete mess - infected, totally overgrown with hair, and one ear opening trying to close up from chronic infection. I've actually seen that happen before in a dog. It's not a good thing.

Long story and a few treats later, Winston was a very good boy and was relieved to not have mats pulling and tugging at his skin. It felt good to me to have him out of pain too! I tend to be really empathic with animals, especially dogs, and I kind of feel their pain somehow. Winston was hurting.

My volunteers showed up around 9:30 and fell in love with their new charge instantly. They had brought along their Miniature Schnauzer, Diamond, to see how she got along with Winston. They were a hit. It was quite the sight, having my four schnauzers, Winston, Diamond, all prancing around my living room getting acquainted! Not bad, not bad at all.

I was thrilled when the volunteers later decided that Winston needed to be a part of their home forever!

What Are Your Thoughts On Adopting Rescue Dogs?

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The Most Important Thing

When adopting a rescue dog, the most important thing is to get in contact with the rescue if there is a problem with the dog. They will be happy to take it back! NEVER dump the animal at a pound, please!

Rescue dogs are the most grateful creatures! They know how lucky they are!

Some Of SheilaSchnauzies Alumni!

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How You Can Help With Our Rescue's Vet Bills!

Some help as I do by rescuing... Others help by giving of their resources to support those who do! We operates as a nonprofit organization. We were a nonprofit corporation but fees became impossible to maintain. So... we are what we are.

If you want to help with $1 or more, please Paypal to or you can email me at to discuss your tax deductible gift. Thanks so much for helping!

Please Bark & Sniff As You Pass By! - But No Marking, Please!

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    • abslim lm profile image

      abslim lm 5 years ago

      Very thoughfull lens. What a great dog.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I hope Winston finds a good long-term home,

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Hi Winston! Happy to hear you have Sheila on your side :D

    • profile image

      getmoreinfo 5 years ago

      Thanks for the information about the Miniature Rescue Schnauzer

    • profile image

      AugieDoggy 5 years ago

      Aww, the poor sweetie. I'm glad he's doing better now!

    • LaughingLady LM profile image

      Helen Phillips Cockrell 5 years ago from Virginia

      He's a dollie!! I'll share on my facebook and email lists! So cute!!