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A Courageous Mom Chases a Tiger to Save Her Child in India and the Amazing Story of Tony and Lahlia

Updated on March 2, 2017

Courageous Mom Chases Tiger to Save Her Child


Bengal Tiger

A Woman Chases a Tiger in the Jungles of India and My Story of Maro

There was a time in my life when I used to meditate with a wonderful teacher named Krishna in Corpus Christi..He was from India. He frequently would come to visit a group of us, from San Antonio. One evening,.we both sat down and we shared our stories about tigers...

I first told him, my story, prior to moving to Texas.

I was traveling through Louisiana with my my friend. She informed me there were tigers held in a large cage enclosure behind a local truck stop. I can't remember the exact location. but we decided to spend the night at this particular truck stop. That evening we arrived, around 7:00 PM..

After checking our bags in at the truck stop motel. We decided to have dinner, at the local truck cafe. The waitress came in, and took our orders. We then struck up a conversation with the waitress about the Tigers.

She told us a love story about 2 Bengal tigers that lived at the truckstop.. One of the young tigers, Laila, a beautiful white tiger.had died about a year ago. She was only about 2 years old at the time, that she died.The male,tiger, Tony was older. He was 5 years old. I thought it how strange that she would die so young..

Tony loved Laila. She was his playmate. Unfortunately, Laila got very sick, and suddenly died..

The waitress said, "Tony is still grieving for her" I was surprised to hear this, I was surprised to hear how deeply attached, animals can get to their mates.

It was very interesting that a wild tiger could actually fall in love and deeply grieve, for the loss of its dead mate.

After we"d finished our dinner, I was eager to meet Tony. We went outside, back of the truck stop, and sure enough, Tony was standing all alone in a large concrete enclosure.

He looked so sad and forlorn. He didn't make a sound. He paced back and forth, avoiding our eyes. I spoke gently to him..the waitress had encouraged me to talk to him. Softly. I said, "Tony, I am so sorry, about Laila. I understand that you loved her very much"

Tony lifted up his head, he turned around, and stared into my eyes, he began to moan softly, speaking in his own language.

I felt such compassion and love for him. I beamed out my love to him... I felt he should not be alone in that big enclosure. He was so lonely.

I stayed and talked to him until it got dark. I went to bed that night thinking of him. The next morning, after breakfast I headed out once more to see him. What a big change there was in the morning when I went out to see Tony..

He was happy, and content. He was now playing with a large ball, that was inside of his cage. My heart felt lighter, and I felt a great love for him before continuing our trip. I waved, goodbye to him.. as we drove away..

After I shared my story with Krisha, my beloved teacher. he shared a sad but true story about the wild tigers in India where he had lived.

Often tigers would come into the villages, and carry the villagers off. He related to me the following story. A young brave woman he knew, was in her hut one day with her baby . A tiger came charging into the village.

He dashed into her hut and grabbed her baby in his jaws. Screaming, she ran after the tiger, determined to rescue her baby from the jaws of the tiger. She ran and ran, to save her baby.

Adrenaline kicked in and she soon caught up with the tiger. With her hands, she began beating and pummeling the tiger, with her fists. Miraculously, the tiger dropped the baby, and without harming her, he ran off, into the jungle.

Unfortunately, It was too late for the baby. He was now dead.. I was touched by this story.. I thought of that young woman and the courage she had in chasing the tiger. It takes a great deal of courage to risk your life, to save someone you love.. .


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