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Introduction to my two four-legged kids

Updated on May 29, 2012

Sam and Bosley, who are they?

Although Sam and Bosley aren’t quite kids, but rather two family dogs, who more or less remind me of kids, I have chosen them as my topic because they are such a huge part of my life and I often find them very entertaining.

Sam is my 14-year-old whippet-mix, who I love more than anything else. Sam has been with me through some very tough times and because of that, I will forever be grateful for her companionship. She has played so many roles without intending to do so because she’s just so wonderful. She is old now and it’s something that is taking time for me to adjust too. Especially, after receiving some news from the vet. That’ll be discussed in a later post.

Bosley…my devil of a dog. A seven-year-old Cairn terrier, who I also love dearly. He reminds me of a little kid because of his independent drive while also needing attention and loving from time to time. He’s the dog that makes us laugh because of his indifference to following the rules, but rather following his own mind. He’s obedient, while also again, independent.

Sam was seven when Bosley joined the family. She was and still is extremely jealous of the monster. (Note: I have a lot of extra names for Bosley, which will be explained later on). But, it must be said, that the two coexist well. It’s quite something, how Bosley seems to adore Sam, while she could care less about what he is doing, except when there’s the possibility of food. Both dogs highly prefer human food. But, Bosley will eat anything.

The only time Bosley will not step into Sam’s space is when she’s eating. It’s interesting, because any other time, he will be right by her side or doing whatever he feels necessary to be in her business. Because Bosley can be very piggish, I think when they were both young, Sam probably snapped at him so he would not bother her, when she’s eating. Once she’s done with her food however, without hesitation, Bosley will explore Sam’s dish and eat whatever leftovers there are. But when she’s eating, he doesn’t bother her.

Sam is officially my dog, while Bosley is my mom’s dog. We often bicker about which dog is better and or whose dog’s tendencies are worse, but in the end, they’re both very loved. And now, because it is late, I feel bad having my light on as the two kids are attempting to sleep, I’ll end here until the next time…


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    • Woodchuck47 profile image

      Woodchuck47 5 years ago from Yulan, New York

      Yes, I've got pictures. Lol, dogs are totally worth everything.

    • Nature by Dawn profile image

      Dawn Ross 5 years ago

      Sam and Bosley sound like great dogs. Do you have photos to share? My four-legged kids can be trouble at times too but well worth it. :0)

    • Woodchuck47 profile image

      Woodchuck47 5 years ago from Yulan, New York

      Thanks Bobbi. What's your Pomeranian's name? I love dogs and as I said, Sam has been with me for awhile. Actually, she's been my copilet since I first started driving a few years ago. Thanks again!

    • PurvisBobbi44 profile image

      PurvisBobbi44 5 years ago from Florida

      Hi Woodchuck47,

      A great hub for your first one, and the best subject ever, dogs. I have a Pomeranian and he is so smart. I said if he could drive I would send him to work for me.

      You keep up the good work.

      Your Hub Friend,