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World of Asian Birds

Updated on October 14, 2013

The most beautiful element of our nature is birds.through their chirping and delicate body they can attract many people.same implies to the birds of asia.they are unique in their own way from the birds of other continents.asian birds consists of more than 10,000 species and all of them have different adaptive radiation.

they have different arrangement of toes and legs which are very astonishing and hence appreciable.

save the Asian birds.

Cape Petrel

cape petrel is also known as cape pigeon which is a common seabird mostly found in the southern belongs from the family of Procellariidae.their estimated population is of 2 million and they are the only member of the genus daption.they are allied to the fulmarine petrels and the giant petrels.

cape petrel has unique looks as it has black head and neck with a white belly and breast.their wings span 86 cm when they are fully grown and they become 39 cm long.

while flying,it alternates between some rapid wingbeats which is followed by a stiff winged glide.they feed on crustaceans as well as on fish and squids.their favourite crustacean is krill.

they breed on some islands of antarctica and subantarctica islands.during breeding season,they breed on antarctica's shell and moves further north.

Cape Petrel Playing in the Wild.

Masked Booby

The Masked Booby is also known as masked gannet or the blue faced booby which is a large seabird from the booby family.they breeds on the islands in tropical oceans.

This is the largest booby, at 74–91 cm (29–36 in) long, with a 137–165 cm (54–65 in) wingspan and 1.2–2.35 kg (2.6–5.2 lb) weight.male booby has yellow bill and the female has greenish bill.except these differences,both the sexes are similar in their appearances pointed black wings, a pointed black tail, and a dark grey facemask.

they mainly eat flying fish including small fish.the masked booby lays two chalky white eggs on the sand beaches and both the adults look after them for 45 days.they usually nests in small colonies.

Masked Booby with eggs on Conway Reef, Fiji.

Red-Tailed Tropic Bird

The red tailed tropic bird,also known from its Maori name Amokura,is a seabird that nests across the indian and pacific ocean.

it has its own beautiful and unique look with white plumage and pink have thin red tail feather and a black crescent around the eye.its feet are black in colour and its bill is bright red.

they usually nests in large colonies from the Hawaii islands to the easter islands and across the Mauritius and Reunion island.they likes to feed single rather than in flock and they usually chose offshore away from the land.they feed mostly on flying fish and squids.

Red-Tailed Tropic Bird

Indian Cormorant

the indian cormorant belongs from the cormorant family and is also known as indian shag.they are found in the east to thailand and cambodia and mainly in the inland waters of indian subcontinent.

it is a medium sized specie with bronze brown colour and lacks a has a slightly peaked head and a narrow hooked tip like bill.the eye is blue and both the sexes are similar in appearances except the non-breeding adults and juveniles as they are browner.

Little Cormorant perching on Keekar tree

Grey Heron

the grey heron is a memeber of the heron family and is a wading is a native of temperate europe and asia and also some parts of africa.

It is a large bird, standing up to 100 cm (39 in) tall and measuring 84–102 cm (33–40 in) long with a 155–195 cm (61–77 in) wingspan.adults are white headed with broad black supercilium and slender crest.whereas immatures have a dull grey head.they often colloquially called a "crane".they have pinkish yellow beak which is very powerful and their flight is slow.

for their food they usually catches fish,frogs and insects with its long bill,they feed on shallow water and motionlessly wait for their prey or simply stalks them.

they builds bulky stick nests and breeds in colonies which are close to lakes.

Nature and Trees, Birds - Grey Heron


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      Deb Hirt 4 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      Thanks for showing me these lovely treats from other parts of the world.