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Best Wrought Iron Aquarium Stands for under $200

Updated on February 17, 2013

It's old fashion bling bling for your fish!

You may know by now that aquarium keeping is second only to stamp collection as an American hobby. True, fish can't bark or meow, don't have a tail to wag, nor can you play catch with them. The flavor an aquarium brings is of an artistic nature.

Shortcut to the most popular wrought iron aquarium stands on the market

Swimming fish present a moving tapestry of art in nature. They add life to what would, otherwise, be a home or office with boring, monotonous furnishings. What you may, however, be paying little attention to is the little matter of fish tank stands. That's where wrought iron aquarium stands come in.

Here we have some of the best wrought iron aquarium stands, rated by Amazon customers. Take a look around and don't you dare go and buy a stand for your aquarium without checking out these awesome stands first!

Why you should use Wrought Iron for your Aquarium Stand

- They are structurally sound

- Last longer compared to wooden stands

- Are cheaper that wooden stands

- Most have multiple tiers; meaning you get to keep some of your cool stuff there or even add another aquarium!

- Wrought iron pieces have an antique feel about them

Wrought Iron Aquarium Stand Alternatives

Wrought Iron Aquarium Stands
Wrought Iron Aquarium Stands

Top 4 Manufacturers of Wrought Iron Aquarium Stands

1. Miracles Aquarium

Started in 1989, the Canadian company is major force in the manufacture and sale of standard and custom fish tanks. Their metal stands are available in custom sizes and shapes, and comprise quality wrought iron aquarium cabinets, aquarium canopies and aquarium stands. Metal stands have a sprayed on matte finish and are marketed as having superior welds.

2. Shenzhen Arts and Crafts Company

This is a Chinese based organization whose parent company deals with a broad range of activities including jewelry. Their stands are renowned for their simplicity of design, yet are durable and practical. They are among the few manufacturers who avail shelves on their wrought iron pieces.

3. Petco Group Ltd.

Based in Manhattan, New York, the company is an all-in-one pet solutions organization. Though they are not specialized, you will not be disappointed with their line of metallic stands. Using computerized manufacturing means that they are more precise, hence their products will tend to have fewer defects. Of particular notice are their seals and lacquers whose popularity in the market is warranted.

4. Marineland Inc.

The company is a subsidiary of United Pet Group Inc. With 40 years' experience, they are the company of choice for commercial and scientific displays. They have a wide range of products such as aquariums, hoods, canopies and stands. Apart from their older line of wooden stands, they have modern ones made of wrought iron for you to choose from.

Wrought Iron Aquarium Stand
Wrought Iron Aquarium Stand

A Quick History Lesson

Primitive forms of ornamental fish rearing can be found among the Sumerian people in ancient Mesopotamia. Evidence of this is found on wall engravings found at excavated archeological sites. The first records however are those of the Romans who kept sea barbell under the beds of guest to make them feel welcome. It was in the 17th century that it started to become somewhat of a hobby, with interest peaking in the mid-1850s in the UK, and later spread to the rest of the world in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Wrought iron stands were not very much in use till the late Victorian era. Their coming to use coincided with the increasing use of glass to make the fish tanks during that period. Despite the earlier popularity of wooden stands, modern fish keeping culture is identical with the use of metallic stands.

Aquarium Stand DIY

If you know your tools well, there are numerous internet DIY videos you can watch for pointers. Aluminium beams and tubular units can be used to build a sturdy aquarium stand (I know it's technically not a Wrought Iron Aquarium Stand). You need to be at least competent in arc welding. And other metal work techniques. As explained in the video you will do yourself a favor to be careful to fit the stand to the tank size to avoid imbalance. Furthermore, take note of the aquarium weight. The video is about a steel stand, but knowledge is transferable, so there you go.

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