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Your Dog Can Have a Twitter Account Too!

Updated on September 21, 2014

But, How Can my Dog Tweet?

Well, the dogs over at have said it best: "We beam our thoughts to the humans via mental telepathy and they type stuff out for us." So basically, you sign your dog up with a Twitter account with a cutesy username and then periodically look at your pooch, whom we all know is dying to have his thoughts broadcasted on Twitter, receive his telepathic messages and then send out some tweets! "But why?" you might ask. Or even "what is the point"? Hmm, well you might also ask what's the point of your neighbor tweeting about how his roses are in bloom or that he just had a delish philly cheesesteak sandwich. There's no point, it's just fun, silly and puts smiles on people's faces. However, for those dogs with a business-minded owner typing out their tweets they could certainly tout the newest dog toys or dog beds or the newest "How to Understand Your Dogs Telepathic Thoughts for Twitter" book.

Help! I Can't Receive my Dog's Telepathic Thoughts!

You're not focusing. Focus! can buy Puppy Tweets, an electronic dog tag that sends out messages to your home computer and then tweets them on your dog's Twitter account. There are 500 pre-programmed tweets like "It's not the catching of the tail, it's the chase" or ""YAHOOOOOOO! Somedays you just gotta get your bark on." Basically, every time your dog makes a detected move he or she sends out a tweet. So, while you're away at work you can still connect with your pooch and know what your furry member is up to (kind of). Your dog's tweets would be a lot more accurate if you could just focus and receive those telepathic thoughts though!

Amazon Has Puppy Tweets in Blue or Pink

These funny, Twitteriffic dog toys and dog gadgets are popular with tech-savy dog owners.

How to Set up a Twitter Account for Your Dog

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: You'll see on the right side of the page there's a section that says "New to Twitter". Fill in your dog's name, your email address and then make up a password. click "Sign Up".

Step 3: You'll now be automatically taken to another page where you get to add your dog's clever username! It could be Tobys_Tweets or CrazyCorgi or PunkyPug or whatever. Then click "Create my Account". (You'll receive a confirmation email but you don't have to actually do anything.)

Step 4: Yeah! Your dog is ready to start and Twitter automatically walks you through the process. The first stage is "interests" where you can search for other dogs, cats or even humans for your pooch to follow on Twitter.

Step 5: Next up is the friends stage. Here you can find your friends on Twitter by linking your gmail, hotmail, outlook etc. account and seeing if any of your contacts are on Twitter. Then your pooch can decide if they are worthy enough to follow. Of course, you can just skip this stage too.

Step 6: Now you're at your dog's main Twitter page and you can start Tweeting for your pooch! Go ahead, give it a go. Under "What's Happening" just bark out whatever you want and then click "Tweet".

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