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Yunnan Baiyao for Dogs

Updated on September 14, 2014
My snow dog was feeling under the weather.
My snow dog was feeling under the weather. | Source
Cancer and Your Pet: A Guide to Alternative and Integrated Treatment
Cancer and Your Pet: A Guide to Alternative and Integrated Treatment

When Carson was sick, we had so many qustions. I desperately wish we had known about this book. It's compassionate, informative, and helps humans find ways to support and help our pets in their times of greatest need.

All we want when they're sick is help them feel better and stay longer with a good quality of life. This book helps us know how to do just that.


How We Learned about Yunnan Baiyao

When our 14-year-old Husky Lab mix, Carson, began having trouble breathing, we immediately took her to the veterinarian. We treated symptoms for months and finally started running tests, having x-rays done, and more tests. When our local vet had run through all of his available options, he recommended endoscopy through an urban veterinarian 45 minutes away. We followed up and shortly after that, Carson was diagnosed with cancer in her nasal cavity. It was in the tissue, and she was already an old dog who had never responded well to anaesthesia, so we made the decision to treat her symptoms and keep her comfortable and happy as long as possible.

Nearly a year later, she was still with us and among other things, we believe one of the leading reasons she stayed a strong (relatively) healthy dog for so long, despite the tumor growing in her nose was an herbal supplement called Yunnan Baiyao. The urban veterinarian recommended it after the endoscopy to help her recover and told us to keep her on it until the very end, which we did faithfully.

Have you ever heard of Yunnan Baiyao?

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The Internet says Yunnan Baiyao "promotes circulation," and according to our veterinarian and our own research, there's even more to it than that. It also reduces pain, promotes clotting and has a reputation for its ability to stop a cancer patient (human or animal) from bleeding out. While some of the information online is unsubstantiated medically, this herbal treatment was used by Vietnamese medics during the Vietnam War to stop bleeding in injured soldiers, which adds weight to the argument that it is effective in clotting.

Another Story of How Yunnan Baiyao Can Help

Carson loved life - her daily walks, treats, and visits with the neighbors - right up to the very end, due in no small part to the help that yunnan baiyao gave her.
Carson loved life - her daily walks, treats, and visits with the neighbors - right up to the very end, due in no small part to the help that yunnan baiyao gave her. | Source
Yunnan Baiyao in capsule form
Yunnan Baiyao in capsule form | Source


As I wrote, we gave this to Carson in capsule form. We were syringe feeding her pureed wet food toward the end and could have used the powdered form to mix into her food. Regardless, it isn't available right now in capsule form on Amazon now. So I'm sharing this link where you can

  1. Learn more about the product and dosages so you can use the bottled form linked above on this page or
  2. Order it in capsule form if that's easier for you.

Yunnan Baiyao Medical & Veterinary Information

How Yunnan Baiyao Helped Carson

We had Carson on two Yunnan Baiyao capsules per day for nearly a year, which held her day to day bleeding from the nose in check. As further proof of how well it worked, one morning, she went into a sneezing fit, followed by a steady flow of blood from her nose. In each package of capsules, there are 16 regular dose pills and one super dose. We had been saving the super dose pills (which we affectionately called "power pills") since the beginning of her illness, and that morning we used a power pill to help prevent bleeding from the added trauma of the extensive sneezes. Within an hour, the bleeding had all but stopped and visible clots began to form near the entrance to her nostrils (gross, but good). Within a day or two her body took over regular control of that clotting and she had several more months of quality life.

I am not a doctor or veterinarian, and I don't claim to have medical proof that Yunnan Baiyao works. However, with first-hand evidence like this, I believe it's worth talking with your veterinarian if your dog has recently been diagnosed with cancer so you can have as much quality time with him/her as possible.

© 2013 Monica Lobenstein

What do you think? Would you be willing to give Yunnan Baiyao a shot to extend a pet's life?

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    • profile image


      2 months ago

      We just start our 12 GS on Yunnan Baiyao today 8/20/18 we needed to administer the red pill do to hevey bleeding from a tumor that she has in her mouth. It’s only been hours but the bleeding has stop almost completely. I pray this will continue to work for our baby.

    • profile image

      ..Nancy Straface 

      8 months ago

      We have our Wheaten Terrier, Nikki, on it now. Yes, I believe it is working. However, it's the powder and it is not to be give with protein and cold food. We can't find something she'll eat that we can mix with her medicine so we use a syringe to put it in her month. She does not like this at all. She gets 1/8th of a teaspoon twice a day. Hoping to get some suggestions.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Thank you for this information - particularly about how much you were giving your dog. I have a dog who is of similar size and suffering from a nasal tumour as well. I was just wondering whether you gave the pills with food or if you found this made a difference?

      Many thanks in advance.


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