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Making A Terrarium

Updated on January 16, 2011

If you live in a confined space without a garden, you can still enjoy some of the flora and fauna,even if it means the moss that grows on the windowsill and abig spider that lives up stairs . However, there is an easier way to teach some of the outdoor activities at home, although it may include a bit of foam ... make a terrarium!

Terrarium is an ecosystem of plants,in a small space, which is designed to increase inner peace when you live in shoe box in the middle of a dirty polluted city. Think like a miniature world that you can create and populate their own whim - toys and plants.

You'll need a few things. They are almost all household bits and pieces, but you can invest a little more, depending on how dramatic you want your little world of it!

* Glass bottle (what are you doing? - A source of inspiration, how about a glass jar / container / empty Goldfish Bowl)

* Mold

* Gravel

* Small stones, shells, toys - decorative items

* Activated charcoal (available at aquarium stores or pet stores)

* Peat moss

* If you want, terrarium plants (something good, small ferns, bamboo lucky, moss and creeping vines)

# Clean the tank. If the container has a lid that you want to use again, you can coverany trade mark or writing. If the container has a label, soak it in warm water and use  steel wool to remove the label.Try to find a glass container with a wide mouth, which is easier to put things in it.

# Put a handful of gravel in the bottom of the pot. Aim for about 1-2 inches of coverage

# Then add a thin layer of coal. This serves as the filtering system, filtering the water that flows up and down between the earth and rocks on the bottom. It will also stop the terrarium from smelling bad!

# It is now time to organize! You need to find the perfect blend of moss, plants, rocks, and decorative elements. It can be difficult to move things around if you jar is small, use a dull kitchen knife to help you. If you're stuck for inspiration for your decorations, consider a theme to follow. As we head into Valentine's Day (eep!), you might consider a theme of love - using tiny plastic red hearts to decorate your little kingdom. You can try a theme of love birds, wedding theme, or even a cupcake theme!

Now you need to water everything in. Make sure you only water it lightly, but you want to see a bit of water down at the pebbles at the bottom. Then screw on the lid – and your terrarium is ready to go!

It does not need watering more than once every couple of weeks.Use a spray bottle to keep things nice and moist. You want a bit of moisture in there – but if it starts looking like tmajor fog, you will need to leave the lid off to let some moisture out of there.. Do not add liquid fertilizer - The idea is that plants grow very slowly.


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      7 years ago

      Almost any type of houseplant can be used for your terrarium. Generally you want them to be hardy and small. Slow growing plants are also desirable so the terrarium doesn't quickly outgrow itself.Terrarium

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I've always want to make a terrarium. thanks for the informative Hub.


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