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Reproduction Singer Treadle Sewing Machine Cabinet

Updated on November 7, 2012
Singer Class 15 Amish Reproduction Sewing Cabinet
Singer Class 15 Amish Reproduction Sewing Cabinet
Reproduction Treadle Cabinet Fits the Class 15 Antique Singer Machines and Janome 712T Machine.
Reproduction Treadle Cabinet Fits the Class 15 Antique Singer Machines and Janome 712T Machine.
Quality Amish craftsmanship!
Quality Amish craftsmanship!
Heavy powder coated treadle.
Heavy powder coated treadle.

You can now purchase a beautiful Amish handcrafted reproduction cabinet for the old Singer Class 15 Sewing Machines.

The folks at Cottage Craft Works .com have done it again!

A stunning reproduction Amish handcrafted sewing cabinet for the Singer Class 15 machines and the modern day Janome 712T machine.

Now an old Singer 15 Class treadle sewing machine can once again sing in the homes with sewers who still enjoy using this old time classic sewing machine.

These popular Singer sewing machines from the early 1950s are still a favorite sewing machine for those who enjoy using the old fashioned treadle.

Unless the original and now antique cabinets have been maintained well or refurbished, the veneer used in the tops and drawer fronts often has came loose or is missing easily snagging materials and thread.

This makes finding a complete operating machine and cabinet still usable for sewing projects most difficult.

The cabinet will also fit the modern and also very popular Janome 712T treadle flat bed sewing machine.

In order to verify if your old Singer machine will fit this reproduction cabinet you should measure the base before ordering. The 15 Class Singer base will should be 14-5/8 long and 7” wide. Also from the left edge of the base to the outside of the wheel on the right side will need to be no more than 16-1/4” wide in order to clear the cabinet edge as the machine is stored.

These Amish made cabinets exclusively from Cottage Craft Works .com have received very positive reviews from customers who have been purchasing them.

The Amish craftsmanship and finish is nothing like other cabinets being made for the Janome treadle and no one seems to be making a reproduction cabinet for the old Singer machines.

The six side drawers are made solid deep and long to hold all the sewing machine accessories that came with these machines.

A flip out center drawer holds bobbins in easy reach along with a pair of small scissors often used to cut the finished product from the threads coming from the top and the bobbin.

Cabinets are available in oak or cherry. Unlike the original cabinets they feature solid hardwood tops and drawer fronts they will likely hold up for generations to come.

They do use cabinet grade veneer plywood on the cabinet ends and the legs which house the treadle. These are places not normally subjected to the wear and tear as the drawers and cabinet top.

The cabinet is so stunning it will immediately catch your eye just as a nice refurnished treadle cabinet will.

It may take some time to realize these reproduction cabinets do not have the original cast iron legs; instead the legs are made of wood with the treadle mounted in the middle.

The treadle is also quality made using heavy cast iron and powder coated finish. Purchase from Cottage Craft Works .com


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    • lemonkerdz profile image

      lemonkerdz 5 years ago from LIMA, PERU

      thanks lizstevens for your hub, this brought back memories as i used to buy and sell these when i lived in England. they are now collectors pieces just used as adornments.

      great hub