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Sport Photos and Action Shots Using a Digital Canon Rebel EOS Camera

Updated on July 21, 2013

Action Photos

I love taking photos of so many things and as my children have grown I have dabbled in taking several sport photos and action photos of their baseball, football, soccer and basketball games. While it takes some practice, the pictures I have for myself, my family and others has been well worth it.

When my children were young I had a digital Kodak camera which worked well and took nice shots. It was great becase it was small and easy to carry. The view screen was big and the shots came out clear. A few years later, I bought a digital Canon Rebel EOS which has been super for this kind of picture taking and I am still learning all the different things I can do with it. Since buying it, I have also purchased a bigger lens for even more versatility.

It takes some practice with action shots because sometimes because of the fast motion, parts or all of the photo comes out blurry. I love it when I get a fast motion picture to come out just right. That being said, baseball seems to be easier than soccer, basketball or football because the players don't move quite so fast.

Sports Photos

Digital Camera

These are the two digital cameras that I have used and have had good results with. If you're looking for a good digital camera and you're a beginner, I would recommend the Kodak Easy Share digital camera, if you're more experienced at taking photos and take a lot of shots, I would recommend the Canon EOS digital camera. It take a little bit of time and energy to figure out that great photos can be captured in the gym or at outdoor sporting events. And don't just take them of y our own child or relative, take them of others too as people love to see great action shots of themselves or of their loved ones.

Digital Cameras

Kodak Easy Share
Kodak Easy Share
Canon Rebel
Canon Rebel
Canon Rebel Lens
Canon Rebel Lens


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