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Foil Balloons

Updated on September 21, 2010

Foil balloons were made famous in the early to late 1970s and is still making a mark today. A foil balloon is made from a lite metal film inflated with air or helium, filled with helium these balloons were great to watch as they soared high in the sky. But they caused a little controversy when the occasional one would take out a power line or two so one can imagine if hundreds were let go, the odds of one of them causing havoc is high.

 Besides that these balloons are great for indoor occasions and special events and set up properly they can transform the look of any party area. the range of foil balloons you can get these days is a far cry from the balloons back in the day. they come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and are more flexible to shape. They can have  custom pictures, prints or images imprinted on them which can be of a wedding couple, birthday boy, or girl even your favorite pet, and the list goes on.

variety of foil balloons

 The variety of foil balloons these day's are 't just made for kids, even the adults are getting to find creative ways to use them, the are great for kid's as well as adult birthday parties. Foil balloons can be placed around more colorful balloons to reflect the different colors around the room, and one can create their own color scheme to suite the occasion. Here are a few design tips you can try to decorate any room with foil balloons as well as colored balloons to compliment.


 You can decorate  floating  foil helium balloons in combination with either ribbons , colored fabrics or tape. The are great for cascading over an entrance in the shape of an arch. use a carpenters tape to secure two balloons at a time starting from bottom or how high you prefer, and  start working your way around the shape of the door or arch way. This should take less than 1/2 hour to do. You could create a ceiling design where you can put them into clusters and pin them from the ceiling, add a few colored balloons in the middle and there you have it , there's no limit to one's imagination when decorating a room or larger area for the more important occasions such as family functions, weddings, school reunions birthday's.. etc.

Getting ideas

 Getting ideas on the internet is a great way to spark a little inspiration. Have a look at how the pro's do it and find your own style to bounce ideas off. You'll be amazed at how these foil balloons can look like when seen through the eyes of others. You can also chose to purchase these balloons online and get a look at the wide selection and range there is to choose from. If you buy them in bulk you may be able to get them at a less cost then buying them in single units. so look at what any site has to offer in terms of specials or discounts. Make sure the site is established and sells quality as well as quantity products. Checking out Amazon or E-bay can give you some cheap bargains and good deals, but it pays to check out the background of the seller first, i would recommend checking past sales and reviews from customers to get the best honest deals available.

Local Search

Also do a search online to find local outlets in your area that sell foil ballons, or browse through the local directory and yellow pages. Once you have an idea of want you want in terms of design you can then buy the supplies needed for your design make sure you have enough inventory for the project and also base your design with the outlay of the space available, weather a large hall or dining room to the home lounge.


Balloon Arch


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