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Gel Candle Making Tips

Updated on October 16, 2014

Create Gel Candles at Home

Once, you know how to, you can create gel candles at home.
Once, you know how to, you can create gel candles at home. | Source

Candle Making Tips: How To Make Gel Candles

Many individuals today love to make and use gel candles, these how to make gel candles tips can help you improve the appearance and usefulness of the gel candles that you make yourself. Whether you plan to make your own candles for personal use, gift giving or as a means of a work at home candle making business. Learning how to make gel candles is rather simple compared to how you can make various other types of candles using different types of candle wax.

Gel Candle Making Supplies

Get you gel candle-making supplies together before beginning to make your own candles. Gel candle wax is made of a formula, which includes five percent polymer resin a ninety-five percent mineral oil. Polymer resin is available in a powder form and then blended in the mineral oil. There are three levels of density for gel candles.

Gel Candle Wax Flash Points

These include:

  • 1 Low density with a 258 degree Fahrenheit flash point
  • 2 Medium density with a flash point of 275 degrees
  • 3 High density with a 281-degree flash point

Remember, while making your candles that gel takes a bit longer to melt than paraffin wax, so it will take a little longer to make them. Unlike other types of candle wax, the melting point as well as its pouring temperature of gel is higher. Gel has a melting point of about 180 degrees with a pouring temperature somewhere between 200 and 220 degrees Fahrenheit.

You will need to use a direct heating source rather than the use of your double broiler. You will need your thermometer to assist you in keeping an eye on your gel while you melt it for candles.

Gel Candles

Gel candle art print and posters and other items available by clicking the source link.
Gel candle art print and posters and other items available by clicking the source link. | Source

Coloring & Scenting Gel Candles

gel candle scent and gel candle wax dye

You can select one of the various color candle wax dyes, the freshest and purest fragrance essential oils or you may use candle scent concentrate as well as candle molds or candle making jars to pour your wax gel into while making your own candles at home. There are of course, wide assortments to choose from when you are investing in the art of making your own candles.

For instance, candle wax dyes come in a rainbow of colors and then some. Candle scents are available for a sundry or fragrances that are nearly boundless to please any scent cravings or fragrant ceremonial requirements. Gel candles are an inspiring means of adding those little small tokens of sincerity embellishments that add significance for any reason of and for their use.

It is highly recommendable that when you are a candle making beginner, that you invest in a gel candle making kit, unless someone experienced is there beside you guiding you all the way. Alternately, just be sure that you read and follow your candle making data sheets precisely. While choosing the candle container, you should search out glass items that can withstand the temperatures of hot wax and candle flame. Alternately, vast assortments of metal gel candle molds are available for any gel candle-making project.

Every Candle needs a Wick

Choosing your Gel Candle Mold

Gel candle molds are similar to muffin trays or cookie cutters. They are sheets of engraved and indented with a design that allows for baking them at high temperatures. Some experienced candle makers may make their own candle molds, to accentuate their special sense and style of candle making.

If you are a beginner candle maker, you may wish to use a candle jar or a simpler type of mold while making your first gel candle.

Making a Gel Candle at Home

  • Hot glue a wick in the center of your candle container and then allow it to dry. You may also wrap the upper end around a pencil to keep the wick straight, by laying the pencil across the top of the container
  • Using a stainless steel saucepan or pot over a medium heat, you will melt gel that you have diced into smaller pieces
  • Using your thermometer to keep an eye on the temperature, heat the gel to 200 degrees and then maintain that temperature, until the gel melts to reach the appearance of smooth syrup
  • You will add your candle color dye adding a small bit at a time until you reach the color consistency that you desire. When you are making gel candles for embedding, you will want to use only a small amount of color dye in order to be able to view the embedded objects you include in your gel candles. For un-embedded candles, you may add more candle dye to suit your tastes or purposes. However, keep in mind that as with other items you may add dye to, you can add more to increase the intensity of the color, although, you cannot remove color after including it to your gel candle
  • You may now include any candle fragrance you choose. Using 1/3 teaspoon of fragrance for each container you will use for your gel candles offers a good quality of scent for each. If you want a stronger scented gel candle, you may wish to add just a small amount more, while trying not to make the scent too overbearing for use
  • While using glass container for your gel candles, make sure that they have a diameter of two inches or more and then heat the glass container in the oven or even the microwave. This will help you keep from developing bubbles in your candles
  • While the gel is hot, now is the time to pour it into your candle container, candle jar or gel candle mold. With your mold, container or jar sitting level, slowly and carefully pour the gel liquid down the side of the container to avoid creating any bubbles. New gel candle makers should know that it might take time to learn to make gel candles without creating many bubbles, so take the time to practice
  • After allowing your candles to cool, you will then trim the wick and your gel candle is complete.

Embedding Gel Candles Tips

how to add candle embellishments to gel candles

Since gel candles, are clear and colored gel that is near transparent as you can get a candle. This makes it perfect for embedding non-flammable or wax items. While the flame of a gel candle is burning its insides gives off a glow.

The spot-free clean items you embed can include a multitude of decorating potentials. Once the items you wish to embed are clean and dry, you will dip them in some of the gel before you embed them into the gel candle.

Watch carefully as you are doing this, since some small items may hold air bubbles, you will have to determine whether you wish to include bubbles in your gel candle creations.

Remember not to pour the gel to fast since this can cause bubbles. Another interesting gel candle tip is to warm up any glassware you plan to use at about 175 degrees, before you are ready to pour the gel. Most importantly, remember not to use wooden spoons to stir your gel since this can cause bubbles in the gel as well.

Charmingly Luminescence

After learning, how to make gel candles and do follow your directions and data sheets while working with homemade candles. You may enjoy delighting yourself and others who will want to use your candles by embedding items in the candles you make yourself.

Of course, like any other candle, you should always practice fire safety while making them or using them. Keep in mind that gel candles burn longer and hotter than other candles may. Therefore, you should never try moving a hot burning gel candle and you should wait until the gel has cooled before moving a gel candle that you have just blown out.

Once you have allowed the candle to cool, it should be safe for moving to another area.

While you are learning how to make gel candles, you may want to consider shopping for candle supplies or a candle making kit, depending upon your preferences, skills and arts and crafts budget. You may be able to purchase these, while shopping locally at craft stores and specialty shops. However, everyone should know by now that when you want the greatest prices, best deals, best bargains and fast delivery, shopping online is the answer for every novice or experienced candle maker.

Gel Candle Making Videos

Learn How to Make Gel Candles at Home by Watching Others

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