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Mosaic Tiles

Updated on December 3, 2010

Using mosaic tiles to create your own original Art Work to decorate the home can be a fun project for anyone to do. This Hub will give you an idea of what is required to make these tiles into to art. The more traditional mosaic is made by gluing small pieces of glass onto a backing then all that is needed is grouting between each tile to accomplish a clean finished look. You don't need to be experienced to create your own mosaic style. For this project you can purchase most of these items from your local hardware store.When considering on buying mosaic tiles, try places in your local area first, say your local second hand building supply store,News papers, directories etc...The internet is loaded with information and one can gather information about how others are creating and making their own special works out of mosaic tiles.

Types of Mosaic Tiles

There are many varieties of mosaic tiles on today's market that will please anyone doing a project. The items you will need to craft your tiles are:a wood plaque pencil, good set of tile nippers, Tile adhesive, and putty knife. Grab a simple pad and pencil and begin to sketch on paper the shape and design you would like your mosaic to loo like, don't be too fussy just a rough sketch will do. Once you have got the right dimensions and basic shape you will then transfer this design onto a wood backing.But this time make sure you do a well detailed pencil drawing of your previous sketch onto your wood backing. Don't over do it if it's your first time just a simple shape will do, and once you know the process you can try more advanced methods at a later stage.

Basic Design

Don't get too detailed with your design as you will need to lay each tile, or place each tile along the lines of your design.OK so start laying down your tiles following your pencil line you will need to have a spacing between each tile of 1/8 of an inch apart. Now with your nippers cut each tile to fit. Depending on the size of the tile put a little amount of tile adhesive to each tile and place it on your wood backing, have a old rag handy to wipe away any access glue after placing your tiles.Be sure to place them in the exact place before the adhesive sets. Once you have finished lining out your design with the tiles then begin grouting.


Before you begin you grouting have a damp rag or cloth handy and a bucket with a little warm water. Now with your putty knife ad a little grout between the spaces.Slow as she goes... once you have got the knack of placing the grout between each tile you will naturally get the hang of it and work a little faster. With your damp cloth wipe away any access grout and squeeze your cloth out in the bucket clean.Once you have done all the grouting you will need to let it sit or cure for at least 24 to 48 hours, after this time and you feel that it has set, give the area another wipe down with your cloth. And there you go !.... that's pretty much all it takes to create a work of art using mosaic tiling. The only thing holding you back now,... is you imagination.


How to Make MosaicArt


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