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10 Creative Business Card Design Ideas

Updated on October 31, 2012

A business card engraves or prints a person's business affiliation and name. It provides a business identity of an individual or a company as a whole. Normally, a business card contains information like name of the company, logo, address, website, contact number etc. Business card is the most preliminary method of getting your business known and marketed. If you;re planning to create a business card for your company, I would suggest you to take a look at some of the designs in the following modules.

Utilizable Business Cards!

Things have changed over the year. It's time to shift your attention from metallic/paper based 2D business cards to 3D usable business cards which people may find useful in the real world. Listed below are some cool business card design ideas

Let your customers ask for "May I have one" instead of requesting your customers "Please have one!"

Stylish Promotional Bands

Sell your business for a cause. if you've a social aspect of your business, you can gift 'bands' to customers promoting your business contacts associating a social cause all together. This is a cool idea, and with some fashion inputs, your business band will go with all outfits.

Envelopes Carry Small yet Important Things

Promoting your business card with a sexy envelope is a great idea. Although the image isn't much sexy. A good graphic designer can really create eye-catchy envelopes. Deign an envelope with a style and incorporate your business details. "Small Things Attract"

A business card should be such that people love to keep in with them, and then only the contacts get spread and you avail the benefits of a great market base.

Where Kids Matter

Most of the times your business clients are parents. Having a kid-friendly business card is an ideal solution for clients who are just going to become parents

We all Love to Write

When emotions don't get verbal, they gets text-ed. Writing is a passion that knows no age. A classically designed pencil can create great impact on the minds of the audience of your business. Well, you need to be certain that all these designs and the manufactured product should be unique is some way (design, style, feature wise) and its owner should boast or at least can feel proud over the possession of such a business card (well I don't think the name is appropriate now)

Beware of the Dark

Dark shades of black are often controversial in their usage, however, from design point of view, such shades creates great complementary effects and can be highly aristocratic in looks.

Google It!

If its not in Google, it doesn't exists. Well, ha ha we all must accept that Google has gone a great way in increasing the overall knowledge quotient of the common people and has also helped us to find what we are looking for. So, a Google themed business card, a great idea to go with!

Creative Google Business Card
Creative Google Business Card
graphic designer business card
graphic designer business card

Business Card Design

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These creative designs might have inspired you to think beyond the lines and also create an awesome feel to develop your unique business card. You may also check 20 more creative business card ideas for additional ideas.

Contact me if you need your business card to be customized.


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