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8 Cute Craft Ideas

Updated on January 29, 2012

Since being into crafting and handicraft, I have been browsing the internet and looking for craft ideas. I stumbled upon some which I really and fell in love with. Although I have never tried making them yet, I would like to share them, maybe you could beat me to it. I am amazed by how creative these people are, most of them have tutorials For those without tutorials, I am sure you will be able to come out with something better.

1. Cute mini spool magnets

Recently, a lot of people seem to be into the baker’s twine craze including myself, maybe because they come in many beautiful vibrant colour. I have not gotten any for myself and might just do so by now since they just came out with 4 ‘new’ colours which are orchid, shore, flax and cantaloupe. Anyhow, I found the mini spool magnets from the twinery blog which are super awesome. The project idea was solution for ‘ugly magnets’, which I thought was cute. So, if you hate the ugly magnets on your fridge, it’s time to makeover.

After learning the mini spool technique, you could go ahead to make a spool wreath which I find super awesome too. Instead of using only twines, you could consider using fabric or paper to wrap those spools as using only twines can be a bit pricey. You could read more from the following blog and maybe get some help from the creator on how to make it.

2. Cute Paper furniture

These are like the cutest furniture ever, it would be interesting if we could have them in human size. I love that they used polka dot papers as I am so into polka dots papers for crafting now. Amazing that they also provided different techniques for the decoration at back of the chair and tutorial for the cute little cupcake. If you have some small dolls for display, you could have them sit around the table, it is like they are having a tea party.

3. Cute macaroon coin purse

We love having macaroons for dessert, but how about having macaroons which you can carry with you? I am not into sewing and had no intention looking for sewing type of craft, but while searching for other crafting ideas, I came across this macaroon coin purse which would be a darling to have. Although it is really cute but I think the storage space is too small, making it a little impractical. If it had more space, it would be perfect.

4. Pop tab corset

I have so far only seen pop tab corset technique used on projects for mini scrapbooks. It is a technique in which you use the pop tab of your drink tin can, then using a ribbon, you crisscross your ribbon through the tabs to make look like the back of a corset. It is basically same concept as tying your shoe lace. I am currently making a mini scrapbook for my good friend and will be trying this technique in one of those pages.

The pop tab corset technique

5. 3D paper bear

This website is in Japanese, but you could translate it to English with Google translator. There are templates in their website for the rainbow series and others free for download but the location of the templates and the picture are confusing to me. You could find the other templates by going through the monthly archives. There is also instruction of how to make, but it is also in Japanese but there are some pictures with it.

6. Origami heart

Origami is paper folding originated from the Japanese. There are so many things you can use the origami to make but since Valentines is coming soon, I recommend the origami heart. There is the simple heart, winged heart, 2-sided heart, double heart, ring heart, change of heart, secret heart and many more. The origami heart can be used in so many ways, in a card and in scrapbooking, where it gives that 3D effect or can be used as a form of hanging decoration.

7. Button frame

The button frame is so easy to make that you don’t even need any tutorial, all you need is a simple photo frame of your choice and decorate it with your cutest buttons. Interesting how a simple frame can turn to the cutest ever. People always use the phrase "cute as a button", your button frame will be remarkably suitable for your newborn or your favourite pet.

8. Quilling

Quilling is a form of art technique in which you roll, shape and glue strips of paper to create creative design you desire. There are many basic quilling shapes in which you could use to create your desire design, some are of them are the tight coil, loose coil, teardrop, heart, heart scroll, loose scroll and spiral. I would like to try this art technique one day but it seems like it is a pretty time consuming technique.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Luv this page! Everything is so cute! ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

    • vox vocis profile image


      6 years ago

      Great hub! I love the button frames and I'm impressed with the paper furniture tutorial you've included in the hub! I'll definitely try to make button frames, and as for quilling, I'm becoming more passionate about it every day :)

    • worksmart18 profile image


      6 years ago

      You are very creative.


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