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8 Stunningly Creative Examples of Welding Metal Art

Updated on October 30, 2012

All different types of found art interest me. People pick up random things along their way in life, things that other people consider to be junk, and they transform those things into beautiful works of art. It’s about recycling and re-purposing and envisioning a new life for things through a creative eye. I think it’s all fascinating. One type of found art that I find to be particularly of interest is welding art. I don't have a favorite artist in this medium but there are a lot of welding artists that I like.

Welding art is the type of art that happens when someone takes random pieces of scrap metal and items that they have found throughout their search for found art inspiration and then they weld these items together to create metal sculptures. Often these sculptures are large-scale but even those that are small tend to be impressive in their intricacy and creativity.

Take a look at eight great examples of welding found art and you’ll see what I mean:

1. This is a really interesting piece by metal sculptor Derek Arnold. It’s a piece of kinetic found art that actually spins which is stunning considering that this piece of art is fifteen feet tall and weighs three thousand pounds! He took seven flagstones and then added metal around them. Then he went to work figuring out how to balance the piece appropriately so that it could rotate without falling over in spite of its massive size. The piece was a commissioned piece but it used repurposed materials from another project so it combined the request for art with the inspiration of found art materials. This artist has a great selection of other welding art pieces that can be viewed on his website. He is a favorite artist of many people who enjoy welding art.

2. I love the metal found art bikes that are welded together by artist Michael Leeds. When people ask him where the parts for his pieces come from, he says that they just kind of come to him through life, as though he conjures them up from his desire to make art from junk. This particular piece is put together using old baby buggy parts but he has many different bikes made from many different pieces. The details in these are what impress me most. If I had a favorite artist in this medium, it would probably be Michael Leeds.

 3. This little metal sculpture just makes me so happy. There’s something about the energy and simplicity of the piece that I really love. It’s just one of many pieces created by Eco-Art Creative Metal Recycling which is a project that takes scrap metal of all kinds and welds it into sculptures. There are pieces like this as well as different series of sculptures that are themed together and even a number of different functional art pieces like benches.

 4. Joe Pogan is an artist that creates animal sculptures out of found art metal that he welds together.  What I really enjoy about his pieces is that he has a lot of work that takes really small pieces of metal that other people might just toss away. He uses these to create great layers and textures to his pieces. You can certainly see the shape of the animal that the piece is intended to be but you can also get lost in admiring the details of each little section of the welded art sculpture.

 5. This piece comes from Wing Nut Designs which is the business of welding artist Bert Lambier who works out of Canada. His gallery includes some really neat series of work including a set of metal pieces designed to look like kelp and some really cool-looking animals and robots. The stuff I like best though is the furniture and furnishings sections which takes welded art and makes it functional yet fun. This two-foot tall blue-beaded lamp is a great example.

6. There are so many different reasons that I enjoy this piece by Edie Nelson, a favorite artist in outdoor art pieces. For one thing, it’s got a Southwestern feel to it and I really love that since it reminds me of my Arizona hometown. Another thing I like is the fact that it’s functional found art – it holds a flower pot. But mostly I just like the fun spirit of play at work in a piece like this one.

 7. Paula Groves is an industrial welding artist who has a stunning collection of large-scale metal pieces. She uses reclaimed stainless steel as a main product in the majority of her work and she aims to find the story of the pieces that she is using and to translate that into the new piece that she is giving life to. She is a professional artist who has been commissioned to create large sculptural pieces for a number of important venues including creating the 2012 Olympics countdown sculpture and a set of science-themed sculptures for Diamond Light Source Ltd. This particular piece just strikes me as stunning.

8. I often think that I have a basic idea of what I’m going to find when researching something that I’ve studied a lot such as found art and welding art. And then I’ll come across something that turns me on my head. That’s what happened when I came across Fork Art which is metal art that relies on forks as the main piece in any sculpture. I love the designs here which include animals and jewelry. But I have a confession to make. This isn’t actually welding art because the artist just bends the material together himself and doesn’t actually use any welding. I was stunned when I discovered that and felt like I had to share the piece anyway if only for that fact!


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  • Ebower profile image

    Erin Bower 6 years ago from Georgia

    I love the metal found art bike! I reminds me of something related to the steampunk style or the 30's.

  • eventsyoudesign profile image

    eventsyoudesign 7 years ago from Nashville, Tennessee

    Great article. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Love the art work. I would love to be able to use welding to create furniture. Thanks for sharing. Teresa

  • profile image

    Doyle Rogers 7 years ago

    I think mine has about all of these beat

  • Abbie Marshall profile image

    Abbie Marshall 8 years ago from The Coast of Northern New England

    Neat hub! I like the horse planter too, very cute. And that little guy made out of the horn is very unique. Thanks for the info and the photos.

  • anitak profile image

    anitak 9 years ago from Pittsburgh, PA

    Wow, unbelievably creative art. How does one do that?

  • danjutsu profile image

    danjutsu 9 years ago from UK

    I love people who do this sort of thing. Great examples. Nice Hub.