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11 Ways To Reuse Old T-Shirts

Updated on April 14, 2019
Ninia Dilsiz profile image

Nini enjoys reusing old clothes. This is very easy and also, economical.

Do you have a T-shirt which is already too old, but you love it and don't want to throw it away? Well, it's a pity to put them in a rubbish bin. Actually, reusing old T-shirts is quite popular nowadays. Personally, I don't enjoy shopping often and I prefer to alter my clothes myself. There aren't any rules of how one can reuse things. Everybody does that in their own way.

So here are 11 ways of how I reuse my dear T-shirts.

1. Use Stamps For Decoration

If you have a T-shirt without any prints, you can alter it by using a dye. As for the stamps, you can use several things. Sponge goes well, as well as an apple cut in half, or a potato. Personally, I prefer using sponges, as they leave funny imprints. All you have to do, is to put the surface of the sponge (or any other item) in the dye and press it on the T-shirt. I would recommend to iron the shirt beforehand and also, to put some solid flat object inside the shirt, so that the dye won't touch the other side. You can use different types of stamps on the same shirt. All of that depends on what kind of concept you want to give to your new shirt.

Here's a potato one!
Here's a potato one!

2. Workout Shirt

This one is easy. The shirt, to wear while doing exercises or while running, should be loose fitting, giving you the ability to move freely. So you can take your old oversize T-shirt and cut out the collar zone a bit. After that, you can move to the arms. You don't want clothes to rub your armpits and inner arms, do you? That's why you should make those parts of a shirt wide, but be careful not to expose your chest. Cut it downside. you can go as low as your waist.

3. Sports' Uniform For Your Kid

If you have a kid, who's basketball, football, etc. fan and wants to have his/her T-shirt with the favorite number on the back, you can get a t shirt, a waterproof marker and write a number and a name. I often did this for my brother who plays basketball! You can also do so WITH the kid, so that both of you enjoy the process.

4. Make A Rug From Tees

A good and high quality rug is expensive to buy and hard to keep clean. Haven't you ever wished that your rug was as easy to wash as your shirts? First, you have to cut your shirt in small stripes, about 10cms in length and 2cms in width. Another thing you will need is a rug mat. Then tie those stripes on the rug and it's done. There are many ways no make no-sew rug, but I either do like that, or braid it. The difference is that for braiding, you will need long stripes, so just start cutting at the bottom of the shirt and when you reach the place where you started, curve up to go around the shirt.( One tee won't be enough). For the next step, you take those stripes and braid them. When you end one set, you can either stitch the next three stripes to the previous ones, or use the fabric glue. The final step is giving that huge braid some shape. To keep them together, I use fabric glue or stitch them.

5. No-sew T-Shirt Bags

Bags made from tees are super comfortable and lightweight, perfect for picnics and beaches. You can start by cutting off the sleeves. After that, cut the bottom seam and save for later. Next, you should cut a deep collar. Following that, mark the width and the length of the fringes(2cmx6cm) on the bottom. Cut those fringes all around the shirt. After that, take two fringes, one from the front and one from the back and make knots. Now, do you remember the bottom seam we cut? Take that and slide it through the sleeves and make the double knot. That will be a handle! Easy, right?

6. Make Pom Poms

Making pom poms is also super easy. Again, you should cut your tshirt into stripes, with the width of 2-3cms. Then you take those stripes and wrap them around four fingers. Be sure to leave the beginning of the stripe out, just like a tail. Keep wrapping until you reach the size you like. After that, pull your fingers out, wrap the tails around and make a knot with them. Next, apart from two 'tails', cut every curve to make the fringes the same size. You're all done! you can use 'tails' to attach pom pom to your bag, trousers, or anything you wish.

7. Cute Scarves

There are two ways to transform T-shirts into fancy scarfs.

  • You can cut out squares/rectangles from tees and sew them to each other. You will get a very cheerful scarf.
  • The second way is to go around the shirt and make circles. Cut only one long stripe, slide it through the circles and make a knot. It will hold them in place.

You put them around your neck and you're done!

8. Cute Hair Posies

Making hair posies from tees is a joyful process. First, you should draw the design of the flower on the paper. After you draw that, put it on the shirt and cut around the paper. You can cut different layers for your flower. You just have to reduce the size of the petals, but changing the material/shirt will be completely amazing. Then, you can either use fabric glue to attach the layers onto each other, or you can stitch them. Finally, you turn your flower upside down and glue hair clip. That's it!


9. Cut And Weave

This time, you won't transform your t shirt into something else, but you will give it a new look. If your tee is too plain and boring, you can cut out some stripes from the back or on the sides and weave them. Here you can alter your shirt just the way you like.

10. Braided Belt

Another fancy thing. If leather belts bore you, you can make new ones from your T-shirts. Again, cut the shirt into the long stripes, you may need to stitch some stripes onto each other to make longer belt, it depends on your waistline.

After you finish braiding, make a zigzag stitch so that the braid won't collapse. You can use those leftover 'tails' to tie your belt.

Here's the last one!

My favorite!

11. Stuffed Toys And Cushions

YES! You can even make stuffed toys from t shirts, but I think it's better to use children's shirts for that, as they are smaller and easier to transform into toys. All you have to do, is to sew the sleeves and the bottom. To stuff the shirt, you can use cotton or rice( I prefer using rice). Make sure to fill the shirt well. After that, you can stitch the collar.

To make your stuffed toy cooler, you can use trousers with the shirt. You will need to sew the bottom of the shirt onto the waistline of the trouser. Another way you can decorate your toy is to draw something on the shirt beforehand, or glue plastic eyes on that. There are countless things you can do.

This way, you can also make some decorative cushions!


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