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1958 Chevy Impala - Classic Car Advertising

Updated on November 5, 2011

A few years ago, I came across a large collection of old magazines at my mom’s house. I am a graphic designer, so I was immediately drawn to the beautifully illustrated ads from this era of advertising. I decided I wanted to share these, so I started up a web site call Retro Ads and Graphics. I started scanning these ads, and continued to acquire from the many magazines I had at my disposal, plus magazines I could find at antique stores.This project continued to grow and at this writing, I have supplied ads for two tv shows and other vintage ad fans web sites and publications.

I am new to Hubpages, and thought I could use this venue to write about the products in the ads. It is all too easy to make fun of them, as I and many others have. But I want a different angle. These ads were done to make the baby boomers and their parents spend money!

It was the car ads that really drew me in to this. I have selected one of these to start this project.

I took this ad for a 1958 Chevy out of a National Geographic, which often had the best ads next to Life Magazine.

The 50s was the era of space-age technology, which was reflected in the car designs, with the fins and techno-looking chrome.

This Chevy Impala was a huge car! It was Chevy’s best seller and was considered to be a new car, that is, had many new features on it. The chassis was redone, which consisted of a frame that was called the X-built Safety Girder. A wheelbase with 4-coil suspension and the optional level air suspension was added to make it seem like it was flying or riding on air, as the ad states. Maybe that is why the helicopter is in drawing. I am a bit nervous that the pilot is waving back with his hand near the rotor blades. Anyways, the Impala had new V8 engine to add to its many features.

It appears in the small drawing that the lady driving the car is on her way to pick up her crop-dusting husband pilot, who has just dumped a large load of fertilizer on the houses below.


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      acc12 6 years ago

      Perhaps she ought to pull her arm in, unless she wants DDT all over her white glove!