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200 Quilting Tips, Techniques & Trade Secrets By Susan Briscoe

Updated on February 4, 2013

Book Review

200 Quilting Tips, Techniques and Trade Secrets by Susan Briscoe is a great book to read through to learn different quilting techniques. I learned a lot of new tricks of the trade that I was not familiar with before.

The author is great about showing the fun side of quilting and making each step enjoyable. The book featured wonderful pictures of different already made quilts and quilt blocks. The most informative part of the book for me was the section on quilt design planning.

About The Author: - Susan Briscoe

Susan Briscoe is a quilt designer and textile artist, author of several books and a creative textile workshop instructor. Bleow Are A few links to introduce you more to the the author of this quilting book.

Could not put it down, what a fun way to learn more about the craft of quilt making, loved it.

Reasons I Bought This Book

I bought this book at a craft store where I was able to view many other quilting books. The reasons listed below are why I chose "200 Quilting Tips, Techniques and Trade Secrets" over the other options.

  • Colored Detailed Photographs
  • Starting List Of Supplies Needed For the Beginner
  • Very Detailed Directions On Hand Quilting
  • Gave Information On Using Recycled Material For Quilting
  • Discussed Quilt Planning, Including Block Placement And Color Usage
  • Included One Of the Best Sections On Using Digital Prints And Photographs On Quilt Blocks
  • Gave Direction On Various Types Of Quilting Projects Such As Quilted Shirts And Bags.

Who Would I Recomend This Book To

I loved this books details on how to use basic tools, all the way to the guide on how to use specialized quilting tools. The quilt types was very varied from the types of quilt project the beginner would do from the type of quilts a experienced quilter would want to try. Do to the varied information I would recommend the book "200 Quilting Tips, Techniques and Trade Secrets" by Susan Briscoe for most beginners and those who are inspiring to grow in the hobby of quilt making.

Who I Would Not Reccomend This Book To

Susan Briscoe wrote the book 200 Quilting Tips, Techniques and Trade Secrets in a fashion to help those of a wide quilting range. However if a quilter has years of experience they may find that at least half the book is to be more review then new information. Another quilting tip book for more of a advanced quilter may be a better option for those who have years and years of experience.

"Quilting should be fun." Susan Briscoe

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