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25 Delightful Creations To Knit And Crochet

Updated on November 29, 2012

My Review

This book is SO MUCH fun. There is a magical quality about the toys, from HUGE pillow shaped toys, dinosaurs, teddy bears (in all shapes and sizes, with clothes and without, toy blocks, Owl, Bunnies, Lizard, Clown, Sheep, Duckling (see below), penguins and much more!

These patterns are inventive and contain a large amount of variety. I immediately went to find eyelash yarn and knit two of the patterns after reading this book (see below on this lens). There are at least 2 other patterns (pig on cover and owl) that I want to make, but I fear that a lot of the magic comes from the texture of the particular yarn used. This is where the designer gets an A : the yarn clearly had a huge influence in the design of the creatures. Unfortunately some of these yarns are no longer available, so head over to your local yarn store and look for a yarn that makes you want to hug a pig.



Produced from a pattern in this book

This toy is so soft and plushy that one of my friends is continuously trying to steal him! For information on the construction of this gossling, visit my blog post dedicated to this project.

There are so many different shapes and textures that there is something for everyone in this book.



Produced from a pattern in this book

This cute little hedgehog was the second toy I've created form this book. For more information on the construction, visit my blog post.

What's next? Likely either the Owl or Pig shown on the cover.

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Make your toy magical

Novelty yarns add texture to your toy, and elevate it to a whole new level!

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    • Lemming13 profile image

      Lemming13 6 years ago

      This looks like a super buy for a keen crafter - thanks for showing it to me.