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Renoir, a happy moments painter

Updated on September 27, 2011

I have always love Renoir´s painting. They are full of color,people and life, not many painters can depict so well light as He did.

Most painters thought that to be taken seriously by the public and critics, they should paint deeper or highly controversial subjects. No wonder Renoir was not that popular, He did not try to compete with their fellows painters that try to depict realities.

Renoir painted children, beautiful women, people having fun, eating, dancing all those subjects enjoyable and easy to understand .

Simple is not the favourite word of any artist to describe their work; Sometimes simple is way better than complicated and ambitious.

Copycatism they say is the best expression of admiration, I deeply admired the simplicity (on subjects),light and life of Renoir´s paintings. I did use a different medium instead of oil painting, I used pastel.

pastel version of Renoirs Apres le bain.
pastel version of Renoirs Apres le bain. | Source


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