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3 Things I've Learned About Selling Art Offline

Updated on July 20, 2016

#1 Giving Away Art Can Help You

Trying to sell art becomes a lot easier when you decide that you will give before you receive anything. Remember, if you are selling to strangers, they want to know they can trust your business first.

Here is a list of things that giving away art has done for me:

  1. I'm able to build trust quickly
  2. People know that I'm not just trying to sell them
  3. I'm able to practice painting different art requests

Looking at reason number one again, if you are new to selling art to people at an art show, or festival it helps to build trust quickly. Once people are comfortable with you, it is not such a hard thing for them to be interested in purchasing something from your art gallery.

Think about reason number two, how many times per day is someone trying to sell to you? Chances are, you have seen around 360 ads per day according to new research. source

Knowing this statistic, you can separate yourself from the crowd by giving away some of your works of art.

Finally, we have reason number three, and that is, being able to practice your skill.

As an artist, I tell myself, I gotta work on practicing hands today, or I have to work on practicing drawing faces today, or I have to work on painting things in my neighborhood.

So in order to avoid all of this, what I like to do is paint or draw at the place I'm selling artwork at. It's kind of like having a recipe, and cooking at your place of business. Have you ever visited the well known fast food place called in and out burger?

The reason why in and out is more than just a burger, is because you are buying an experience. That experience is seeing your burger, fries, and shakes being made as you drive through the drive thru.

So when you make art at the place you sell art at, you create the experience, that people will talk about. So, not only do you create an experience for potential customers but you also get to practice your art skills and become a better, faster artist.


#2 Be Prepared Ahead Of Time

The last thing that you want is to be scrambling at the last moment. Making a list of things that need to be done, working with your team to figure out how to do a better job next time around.

These small things can add up to big things when the time comes to sell your art. By being prepared ahead of time you accomplish the following:

  1. You don't seem frantic or emotionally drained
  2. You save time looking for things during art shows
  3. You improve your business process

Taking a look at number one, when I made my first art show appearance I was running around all over the place. I was tired, hot and sweaty, and by the time everything was over I wanted to fall out on the couch and go to sleep.

Looking back at it, I wish I got more sleep before the day of the art show, and now that I have gone through this process, I know how to prepare better for the next show.

Taking a look at point number two, I can't count how many times that I was looking for things and asking for things. By knowing what you want near you, or in a tray, you will have quick access to it, which is why being prepared helps big time.

Finally, you improve your business process by being prepared way ahead of time. Because someone asked me for a payment option I didn't have I was able find a card processor that will help me improve my payment options.

This brings me to my third and final point, which is having multiple payment options and prices for your artwork.

My latest time lapsed painting

Give Multiple Prices & Payment Options

Have you ever been looking at for clothing or shopped online and wish the owner had more payment options or a slightly lower priced item? This is key for the demographic( person type).

Things to remember about having multiple prices:

  • Some customers may not have brought enough money

When you create multiple prices this problem is solved quickly. So think about pricing your original artwork for the highest price, and having multiple sized prints of your artwork for a lower price.

This pricing format will allow you to have more flexibility and not miss out on a sale you could have made by understanding your audience.

The important thing to remember about multiple payment options:

  • Some customers don't use cash at all

Whether it's security reasons or just not loosing any money by accident, some customers like using their credit or debit card, so give this option to people who would like to use this.

One good option to look at is using a square card reader, there is a free basic option, but an upgraded version might be a good choice too.

Hopefully, you have found this information useful, and if so, checkout my blog for some more tips, information, and artwork at



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