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30 Cheap & Best Handmade Crafts for Interior Decoration

Updated on October 22, 2016

You want to rearrange your apartment or house, but you don’t have enough money to make big changes. There are some ways to freshen up your living space without much investment - the answer’s is in the details. If you enter new details that do not cost much, you can give a completely different look to your home. Some ideas can be realized for a relatively small amount of money, and the entire area will get a new, fresh note.

Before you go shopping, you should thoroughly review your home and decide which furniture pieces you want to keep and which ones you wanna get rid of. Next, you need to think about style. So, what’s your ultimate home decor personality? Elegant, minimalistic, modern or maybe you prefer something else. Also, before investing in furniture, choose the right colors for your design. You’ll get an excellent effect if you choose an unusual color, such as espresso, coral or mint.

Occasionally, we all need change. Whether you are bored of the monotonous space in which you’ve been living for such a long time, or you just need some refreshment, here are a few suggestions that can save you.

1. Ping Pong Ball Pendant

This item will totally inspire you, not only because of its simplicity, but also with its hint of glam. It would be wonderful to have this in your house, it is simply awesome.


2. Collage Wall Art

All of us have a few plates from old dish sets. You can use sprays to make interesting wall art.


3. Floral Art

Another wall art, but in different style. All you need is sine empty toilet paper rolls, scissors, glue and a spray. An effective combination of colors on your wall will make a great change.


4. Candle Holders and Tea Lights

If you like tea lights, you will fall in love with this stunning idea for your kitchen.


5. Recycled Kitchen Items

Instead of throwing out your old kitchen items, you can wake up the artist in you and convert them into exquisite vintage masterpieces.


6. Canvas Map Wall Decor

The whole world on your wall! Don’t miss a chance!


7. Stamped Stairs

This one right here is such a cute staircase element! If you are talented, be inventive and draw what you want. Otherwise, use some stencils.


8. Decoupage – Empty Bottles

You can use jars, bottles, and glasses. If you don’t know what Decoupage is, it is time to familiarize yourself with this interesting technique.

9. Framed Mirror

Who doesn’t like mirrors? Especially when they have such a charming frame around.

10. Organize your Cords

If you’re tired of getting the cords tangled in, this is the way to solve the problem.

11. Compact Wine Rack

Finding a creative way to store your wine in the house can be a tricky ordeal. This one is simple, but interesting and easy to make.


12. Pompom Rug

Gentle and soft, easy to make. But you will definitely need some free time.

13. Recycled T-shirt Rug

Recycle your old T-shirts and make a rug. Be sure to cover the back part in silicon to prevent skidding.

14. Charging Station

We all love electronics – check out this awesome charging station and you will always know where your charging cables are.


15. Canopy Bed

Canopy beds are so romantic! Imagine the light feeling of floating in the clouds while opening your eyes in the morning.


16. Bench

Recycle an old door and make this beautiful bench for your entrance hall.


17. Sand Imprints

Keep your summer memories with making sand imprints and warm up your winter days.

18. Confetti Bowl

Confetti is fun, but in someone else's house. I'm sure you remember: after the New Year's Eve party, you’ve gathered them the whole year around the house. There is one more way to use them, but on your table only.


19. Coat Rack

Maybe this project will be a little more difficult for you or your helpers, but the result will delight you! You will be proud of yourself.


20. A Clock of Family Photos

A cute way to keep your family memories and have an unusual clock on your wall.

21. Floating Shelf

If you want to be surrounded by flowers and do not have enough room for pots, you can make some floating shelves. Also, you can paint them using different colors in contrast to your flowers.

22. Pallet Bed Frame

Used wooden pallets are cheap and you can use them for a multitude of things. This is a step-by-step pallet bed frame.

23. Pallet Armchair

And one more idea, this time for a pallet armchair. You can use a variety of designs: flowers, dots, geometric shapes, monochrome...

24. Coffee Table

An interesting way to use wood crates. It looks so retro!

25. 3D Geometric Wall Art

It will be refreshment for every home with large walls. You can use other geometric shapes and bright or vibrant colors.

26. Sunburst Mirror

An uncommon mirror that will fully brighten your home. Instead of gold, you can make it orange, to lift your mood.


27. Picture Frame Coat Rack

A nice idea for an entry way hall. An old door can be a perfect frame for your family photos and a beautiful coat rack at the same time. The first thing you see when you enter home will be the smiling faces of your whole family.

28. Shabby Chic Lamp

If you are bored of your old lamp, and you love the shabby chic style, this will be considered a bright idea.

29. Refresh Your Old Wooden Chair Using a Stencil.

Choose a color you like. You can paint the whole chair and use a stencil, or you can use different colors for the chair legs, chair seat and backrest.

30. Cable Spool Table

It is hard to find a cable spool, but if you are so lucky to have it in your backyard, you have no reason to not make this table.


Hope the ideas are helpful. Why are you waiting still? Get to work and do amazing crafts! Good luck!


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