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3D Art Life

Updated on March 11, 2011

Use 3D Art to see your characters!

"Commander Blytz" from the novel: The Death Squad: Commander Blytz by W. K. Hayes
"Commander Blytz" from the novel: The Death Squad: Commander Blytz by W. K. Hayes

Is 3D graphic software right for you?

Once, a friend had asked me what made me take an interest in 3D Art. Note, I did not say graphic design. The terminology of graphic design implies that anything created was engineered reducing the actual talents of the artist, as it were. 3D Art, on the other hand, calls a spade a spade and truly is art.

Anyway, I took an interest in 3D Art simply as a means of visually being able to see the characters in my first book, The Death Squad: Commander Blytz. The idea was to create a 3D form that I could pose for scene to give a better description of that scene. Unfortunately, the software was not available to the common person until nearly a decade later and my ability to draw metallic clothing was limited, at best.

Today, it is really easy to find 3D software for creating 3D characters and graphic images, for free. There is a link at the bottom of this page for my website, 3D Art Life. You will find the references there to the software I use to make characters and creatures, for free and the software really helps me, alot.

Working with 3D software takes a lot of dedication, and patience but seeing the character, really helps you to describe your character in your books and makes that desciption even better. Even then, learning to use the software can be time consuming.

If you decide you don’t have time to learn 3D Software, I highly recommend you surf the web for 3D Art and check out the amazing images these masters have created. their talent is incredible to say the least.

Nevertheless, If you are interested in learning 3D Art and 3D Animation, my website really is a great place to help guide you in the right direction. Just like any job, you may soon decide that working with 3D graphics really was not for you and want to bail out. Well, colleges cost a fortune, to simply drop out, but try my previous recommendation and you will find out, for free, whether or not you will want to pursue a career in digital animation.

Amazing enough, few people realize the amount of work, knowledge and effort that goes into making a video game. A single image rendered using volumetric world can take sixteen-to-twenty hours to complete. Imagine trying to make a whole film at that rate. A movie, ninety minutes long, takes approximately seventy-two thousand frames. Now, say that times twenty hours per frame and you will quickly see that being a one-person, film crew is not going to happen, easily.

However, Take the time to learn the tricks of the trade by reading the tutorials for the software and you will find ways to speed up the process. You might even cut your film time back to few years…like three or four.

Ifyou have tried the software and you love the challenge, go to college for it! Then, get a career in the related field that grabs you most. If you find your strength is with making animated shorts then consider making commercials. If you like designing sports cars, become a mechanical engineer. You get the point without me having to name every single one but by trying the software, you can learn what your strengths are which will help you better determine which degree you should focus on more.

Ultimately, if you have an intrest in working with 3D Software, take the time to try it for free before investing money into college. Also, if you are a writer that needs help seeing your characters and scenes better, I highly recommend you use the software. It really does help a lot.

Thanks for reading my article and I hope you have a great day! I will be online everyday so post a comment if you like and I will get right back to you.


Professor Lonely-Bot

Created using 3D Graphic Software.
Created using 3D Graphic Software. | Source

Where to get free 3D Image Software

After posting this article, several people asked me where they could learn more about creating their own 3D Images: Here are is my favorite place on earth to go. The software is free and they have solid tutorials on how to use the software to get the desired affects you want.

Daz3D Studio: This is a free program and the art you create is yours to use however, you see fit. They only ask that you do not sale their software or models. Only the art you create. You can get this directly from their site at

Bryce 5.5: Although Daz has a 7.0 version, that version is strictly for home use only. However, Bryce 5.5 can be, used however, you see fit, other than selling the software, itself. Bryce 5.5 is great for creating background images and scenery. Do a web search to find it, usually on

Either way, you will have to register at Daz in order to get the serials but it is a fairly, quick process and I have had no problems with spam. While you are there, be sure to check out the gallery of art. I am still learning and getting better but many of the artists will blow your mind with how great they are.


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