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3D Cuff Link Kandi Tutorial

Updated on March 11, 2010

In this tutorial I’m going to be covering how to make 3d cuff link kandi in a detailed step by step guide. First off I will show how to make a basic piece of kandi, then turn the basic piece into a cuff and finally add 3d elements to it to finish it off. The pony bead style I am using are pearlized however any standard sized pony beads will work well for this guide. I am using yellow, purple, green and blue beads to make them easier to reference in the instructions, feel free to use your own colour scheme or pattern. If you enjoy this tutorial then recommend it to others and check out our community at for more tutorials as well as heaps of other stuff

Step 1

First off you need to make a basic piece of kandi as the foundation of the cuff. The pattern used is purple-purple-purple yellow. This will work with any length as long as the number of beads is divisible by 4 i.e. 28/32/36 etc. Pick a size you think is appropriate, I’ll be using 28 for this guide since I have small wrists.

Step 2

Now that we have our basic piece of kandi we need to start adding layers to make it into a cuff. The second layer will be in the pattern blue-green-blue. To add this layer thread the string through a yellow bead, add your 3 new beads to the thread then thread through the next yellow bead etc.

Step 3

The next layer is done in a similar fashion to step 2. You will use the pattern blue-yellow-blue this time and thread the elastic through the green beads instead.

Step 4

The final layer is done in a similar fashion once again. This time around you will use the pattern purple-purple-purple and thread the elastic through the yellow beads in the previous layer you added. Once you have completed this step you’ve made a basic cuff link kandi.

Step 5

Now that you’ve made your cuff link kandi its time to add some 3d elements to it. Adding 3d bits to a multi layered piece of kandi is relatively simple if you follow the rule of 1-2 extra beads, this will create a pop up effect when tied properly. Thread the elastic through a yellow bead then add the following pattern yellow-blue-green-blue-yellow. Now thread through one of the yellow beads horizontal to the first one and add the pattern of other beads again. Once you make it all the way around you will be on either your starting bead or the bead opposite your starting bead depending on how many beads you used for your basic kandi piece in step 1.

If you are back to the initial bead then simply tie it off then start again on the other side, if you are back on the bead opposite the one you started on then simply continue on. This time around you will thread the elastic through a free yellow bead on the cuff, add a yellow and a blue bead, thread the elastic through the green bead already popping out, add a blue and a yellow bead and then repeat this process. Once you get back around to your starting bead tie it off and you’ll have completed your 3d cuff link kandi.

Getting More Advanced

Once you can make these types of kandi there are a fair few ways you can further the design, the most common of which is using a different kind of bead for the points such as a star bead. Another variation will involve making additional 3d parts around the edge of the kandi. Finally you might want to make the base cuff link larger and make multiple levels of 3d goodness on top. There are many possibilities to further this design, just use your imagination.

For more tutorials on rave culture such as kandi, lightshows and other stuff check out the forums at


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    • profile image

      Jacobb9205 3 years ago

      Great tutorial!

    • debfrench profile image

      debfrench 5 years ago

      Very nice work you have done

    • profile image

      Lindseymiles 5 years ago

      This helped so much!

    • profile image

      Murasaki 5 years ago

      so glad i finesehd it!

      hehehe i'm a raver noob!

    • profile image

      luckyrose 6 years ago

      great 3-d kandi cuff tutorial. i have been going nuts trying to find one that makes since. Thank you SO much :)

    • profile image

      taylor 6 years ago

      kandi is raver jewelry

    • deblipp profile image

      deblipp 6 years ago

      The photos really help. What does "kandi" mean?

    • profile image

      Jinxy2183 6 years ago

      This page is great!! Thanks for having a tutorial that is so easy to follow!!! So easy to follow your instructions :D

    • profile image

      Legit 7 years ago


    • profile image

      TOri 7 years ago

      i think your work is really good. :) and im doing it and its amazing :)

    • lcmolina profile image

      lcmolina 7 years ago from Ecuador

      thanks so much for your useful hub, I just made a kandi, it was so easy and looks really cool!