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3d cards - handmade 3d cards - birthday cards

Updated on February 7, 2012

3D Cards - Handmade 3D Cards

Well I just had to write about these amazing 3D greeting cards! Firstly I went to trade show in London in the UK I wanted to find another greeting cards supplier! I came across company called Lime Cards and straight away I thought these cards look different!

So like you do you take a look at all there ranges, I sudendly found what looked like 3D cards I found a card with the words Happy Birthday I must say I was quite shocked and really surprised how they managed to make the card feel like 3D it looked like the letters wore coming out of the card.

I wanted to share with you all these amazing greeting cards by Greeting Cards Men & Boys
I really hopefully you agree with me they are truly amazing.

Birthday 3D Car Racing Card

This Birthday card is defiantly one for the boys! This 3D birthday card is from Lime cards there is image of racing track with three sports cars racing. You really have to see the card it is truly amazing it looks like the cars are coming out of the card. Using a special printing technique, this stunning card is created with multiple layers of artwork all rendered together creating the illusion of 3D adding a dimension of fun energy to the image.

The Birthday Boy 3D Card

Here is another example of the power of 3D again you really have to see this card to really appreciate the technology which has gone in to making this birthday card all the words just come out of the card.

I really have to say that most Men's and Boys birthday cards are well frankly terrible and really boring to look at.

Do you agree with me please take a short Pole below let's see what you all think!!

Mens Boys Greeting Cards Are They Boring!

Do You Think Greeting Cards Are Boring For Men & Boys

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For All The Football Fans Out There!

Here is another example of the 3D again you really have to see this card for yourself to really appreciate how they made and designed this card! On the card there is football player scoring a goal it's just brilliant he player looks like he is coming out of the birthday card.

This is For You Party Music Lovers

Now I really like this 3D card on the card there is large cocktail drink with speakers either side also you have records in the background which look like they are flying out of the card.

I really do hope you have enjoyed viewing some of my examples of what I think are truly amazing and you can offer good quality Greeting Cards
for men and boys of any age and from anywhere in the world!

Happy Birthday 3D Card

I just had to add this 3D birthday Card, again this is one of my favourite one. It is very simple but very visual the words happy birthday just pop out of the card. You can see the full range of our 3D 3D Greeting Cards
here. Thank you for your time in reading this article.

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    • profile image

      DannyLondon 6 years ago

      Love your cards the 3D cards look great, I like the Happy Birthday One i will have to go on to your website, keep up the good work and keep posting your wonderful cards as the mens cards are so boring, well done.