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4 Advantages of Powder Coating

Updated on August 4, 2014

Powder coating is a process which uses a variety products including curatives and pigments that have been cooled and then ground together to form a powdery substance that resembles baking flour. The powder is then spray blasted to a surface with a system called electrostatic spray deposition. This process means an electrostatic charge is added to the powder when it is blasted from the spray gun, making the powder stick to the surface and form a stronger, more protective bond. The object that has been blasted with the electrostatic charged powder then enters a curing oven. This causes the powder coating to form a molecular chain that is stronger than normal coatings and protects the surface better. The following points are a few of the benefits of using powder coating with many different projects.

  1. Green Benefits

The benefits of using powder coating are green, meaning they are beneficial to the environment. Today’s society pushes for everything to be environmentally friendly in order to stop the abuse of our resources which is a growing problem. Powder coatings emit none or almost no volatile organic compounds. It also does not produce any paint sludge like many liquid coatings as well. This all means that the powder coating process does not produce any waste material that could be hazardous to the environment. This is a great benefit because this hazardous waste is what is causing so much pollution in rivers and oceans, thus killing the wildlife. Any process that would reduce this waste material should replace the old processes that produce hazardous material.

  1. Powder Coating’s Application

Powder coating generally looks great no matter how it is applied unlike traditional liquid coatings. Traditional liquid coatings require one to be conscious about the direction of application, whereas powder coating allows for some mistakes. One can apply a thicker powder coating for better protection without worrying about running or sagging like a liquid coating. The electrostatic charge also provides better coverage to irregular shapes, allowing every nook and cranny to be protected. A powder coating also has several finish options such as clear, plain color, metallic, or textured so it allows for the creativity like a liquid coating but gives a uniform finish without runs that can exist after a liquid coating.

  1. Greater and Longer Lasting Protection

Powder coating provides a strong, protective covering that is resistant to most corrosive substances that could damage the material. These damages could be caused by debris, acids, or solvents, but powder coating has the ability to protect the object’s surface from these harmful substances. Powder coating also provides protection from most electoral currents. This is a great benefit to keep in mind if you’re applying your coating to any metals such as steel, zinc, brass, or aluminum.

  1. Cost Effective

Cost is the biggest consideration to keep in mind when taking on any task. The cost for powder coating is lowered because paint overspray can be recycled and used on the current project meaning that almost 100% of the coating is used and no spay is wasted and your money is not wasted as well. Powder coating is also cost effective whether it is bought to be used on one project or many.

There are many benefits to powder coating that make it a great way to protect any object that you wanted to paint.


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