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4 Tips for Fashion Photography

Updated on May 3, 2015

Fashion photography has been popular for ages, and it is the most popular form of art. You must have seen several women with pretty dresses in historical programs, and their attractive way of selling their dresses. However, the photography has evolved a long way from that time, and several new dimension have come into the picture.

Initially, the motive has been to just capture pretty model with a beautiful dress. As the time progressed, the aspect “mood” became an integral part of the shoot. Additionally, the dress change as per the weather, and every season comes with its own set of flavors. In this hub, I would highlight factors to be implemented for successful fashion photography.

Keeping it simple
Keeping it simple

4 Tips for Fashion Photography

  • Look and Learn- When you are dealing with fashion photography; you need to develop a habit of looking at paintings and photographs. Additionally, you have to look at them carefully to enhance your creativity, and create results, which attracts visitor attention. Hence, you need to make a habit of capturing photographs, whenever possible. You have to develop a skill of creating various types of effects using wider and longer lenses. The primary motive of using wider, and longer lenses is to judge the best effects for you. The resulting style on your photographs would boost your confidence. Additionally, you will get an idea about the buying the best lens next time.
  • Making it Simple- You need to trust that you are not dealing with rocket science. Your initial portfolio should appear simple, but with a classy touch. Simple and classy are the perfect ingredients at the initial stages of career. You need to make sure that your setting gives you a clean and light look. You will automatically start experimenting with your shots later in the career.

 Lighting and shadows
Lighting and shadows

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  • Lighting and Shadows- There are several qualities, which you will develop only with “experience”. Hence, it is in your best interest to gain experience with light and shadows. If you can master the skill of playing with settings, then you will have to face less issues. Initially, you should try a combination of 3 and 4 settings, and check the test shots. Every setting will give you a different shot. You should start with mastering any one setting, and it will improve most of your shots. Alternatively, you should be careful, when dealing with shadows. You should always check for shadows in your shots. A single unwanted shadow in your shoot, can ruin your entire efforts.
  • Hiring Models- You have to judge more than just a portfolio, when dealing with models. The portfolio can be misleading, and there are strong chances, that you may find someone completely different. There are many models, who start their career at the age of 12 or 13, and when you hire them, they are at the age of 20. These 7 years is a long duration, and you will find many changes with hairs, complexion and weight. You might have hired a model with long hairs, but when you see her in the studio, her hair might be short. Similarly, you might find a model with increased weight, because of her recent holidays. Hence, it is in your best interest to hold castings. Alternatively, you can contact model agency for the latest photos of the models. However, when you are dealing with a freelancer; you should arrange an appointment, and check his or her skills. Your primary motive should be to get the model latest look.

Lastly, fashion photography is much indemand, and you will have a great career ahead. The internet is a huge source, and you can get several ideas in just one click.


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