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4th of July Craft for kids

Updated on June 24, 2013

Fun for the 4th

Every year my family gathers at my grandparents for a huge get together on the 4th. We have all the fixings from pig potatoes, to corn, fruit, hot dogs, hamburgers, you name it! We invite the neighbors and old friends. The kids play in the pool, the adults sit around and talk or play corn hole and it's something at we all look forward to.

There are 7 kids under the age of 7 and I always try to plan something fun with them. The kids enjoy it and I love crafts so it's a win-win.

I wanted to share a craft we did a year or so ago.

For this craft you will need foam sheets of red, white and blue. They are super cheap around 30 cents each. A box of paper clips, some jingle bells and ribbon. You can use a small dowel rod for the top or the kids can go on a hunt for a stick.

First I pre cut everything so it would be easier for all. I also found some foam stickers in a kit that included starts, hearts and USA stickers.

With the blue foam cut a 4X4 inch square. With the red foam you want to cut some 1X8 inch strips and 1X4 inch strips. Same goes for the white foam.

Have the kids lay out their flag the blue square with a red, white and red strip 4 inch long stripes below it and then a few red and white 8 inch long strips beside it.

Now with the paper clips link the strips to the blue square and add a jingle bell to the end. (see photos) Add a paper clip to each long strip of red and white to the top and bottom adding a jingle bell to the bottom. Also add a few paper clips to the top of the blue square. Now it's just a matter of attaching the paper clips around the stick or dowel rod. Depending on the dowel rod you could pre-drill holes for the paper clips. I had picked small dowels so that the dowel rod would fit into the paper clip.

Cut a piece of ribbon and tie it to each end of the stick/dowel rod to hang it. Let the kids go crazy with the stickers for decoration! It makes a cute wind chime that the kids will love!


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