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5 Different Jewelry Making Mediums

Updated on January 27, 2016

Jewelry making

Jewelry making is an art form to make items such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. There's so many different components and mediums used in making jewelry, and with that there's so many different ways to make jewelry. Each kind of jewelry has hundreds of different ways to make items. Below is a list of 5 different materials and techniques used to make jewelry.

Metal stamping

Metal is a common element used in jewelry making, you see it all the time in clasps, chains, rings, and just about every kind of jewelry, but there is another way it can be used. Metal stamping is the art of taking blank metal sheets and stamping it with jewelry stamps. This is done by taking a jewelry stampp that you can buy at most craft stores, or online at amazon. The metal sheets can be bought there as well. If you have the tools you can make your own blank metal stamps from a large metal sheet, otherwise you can buy blanks with a hole already in it. This technique is often used on items such as dog tags, or custom charms for charm bracelets.


Basically everyone is familiar with glass beads. The majority pieces that have been beaded have been done with glass beads. Glass beads are a beautiful extra or main piece to any piece of jewelry. Lampworking is the art of making these beads. Lampworking is where you melt down glass and shape it into beads often times around a mandrel. Lampworking can make a variety of different components to jewelry, everywhere from cabochons, to beads, to glass charms.

Wire wrapping

Wire wrapping is most commonly though of thinking of bohemian style stone jewelry. This is a way that wire wrapping is often used is for stones but it can be used for so much more. Not only can you wrap different components in wire but you can also make different sculptures with wire to also add to your jewelry. Wire wrapping cabochons is another beautiful way to have them set and another great way to use the art of wire wrapping.


Macrame is often used for making plant hangers or hammocks but it can also be a beautiful addition to jewelry. Not only can you use this for the traditional styles but it can be used to wrap stones just like wire wrapping. Not only can you use it to trap stones in netting but you can also use it to make a 'chain' for your jewelry as well. You can use the typical macrame knots to make bracelets, necklaces, and even rings. It can also be used to make your own pendants as well! Yes you can knot pendants, you can find patterns easily simply search micro macrame then whatever you want to make. You can find patterns for everything from pot leafs to ladybugs, and if you can't find a pattern you can always make one! This can be done with anything from hemp to embroidery floss.

Bullet shells

Bullet shells is a beautiful addition to jewelry. You can take an empty shell and wire wrap it, pop out the hole, or glue it. I'm sure there's other things that you can do as well with it that's the great thing about art you can always be creative. This is great to use either by putting a tip in the shell and making it look like an actual bullet, or you can fill it with druzzy style components. A way that you can do this is take a color of glass that you like, put it in a bag and hit it with a hammer. This will make glass chunks that you can then fill the casing up and put some sort of jewelry glue over the top to hold it in place.


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