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5 Easy DIY Pinterest Crafts

Updated on June 19, 2013

5 Foolproof DIY Pinterest Crafts

Let me start off today's hub by saying everyone loves Pinterest. The thing i don't love is how interior designers make horribly unattainable things look easy to make at home on your own. Well.. usually that's not the case and as their dedicated pinners, we end up with a sub par spray painted mason jar that's supposed to look like "frosted glass". Let me also say that I am the most un-gifted crafty person you'll ever meet. I am NOT martha stewart by any means. Once you read and find a project you like, check out the pictures on the bottom to see what they look like once their finished! So on that note, lets kick off today's list of 5!

Number 1: Picture Frame Paint Sample Calendar

Alright, so this thing is genius.

Whatcha Need: Big enough picture frame, I got mine for $10 from Michael's (check their online coupons, you can probably even get them for less), Paint Samples in whatever color floats your boat (you need 7 of these that are 5 segments long), and a dry erase marker.

Whatcha Do Once You Have Your Stuff: Take the back off of your picture frame, and lay your paint samples in vertically, all 7 in a row, space them however you want. Put the back of your frame back on, and flip the bugger over. Now Write The Month Up top above the samples, and the dates in the paint sample squares with the dry erase marker of your choice.

Bam, done. So for a whole $12 you have a calendar that's eco friendly, matches perfectly the room you want to put it in, and you can brag about making something that looks awesome.

Number 2: Wine Bottle Chalk Boards

Recycle your boring wine bottles into tiny chalk boards for your kitchen.

Whatcha Need: This projects a little more costly then the last, but not by much. Snatch up some empty wine bottles from anyone you know. Then head over to hobby lobby to get the rest: Paint in the color of your choice, chalk board paint (the spray paint isn't the route to go on this one, spend a little bit more, it'll be better looking for maybe $2 more) and some twine-like string stuff (this parts totally optional, they look just as good without, but if it ties it into the look you're going for, all the better). And a Hot glue gun. Being the thrifty person i am, I got everything for under $15.

What You Do When You Have The Stuff: Take all the labels and such off your wine bottles. (ps.. sparkling cider bottles work the same way to youngins) wash them, inside and out, and flip them upside down to dry. Paint them whatever color floats your boat. I did 3 different colors when i did mine. Let it sit for an hour or two, just wait til they are TOTALLY dry, don't mess with wet paint.. believe me. After the chalk board paint dries, pull out the hot glue gun and wrap your twine/string of choice around the top and bottom of the bottle. After everything is 100% dry, write on the quote/saying/verse/lyrics of your choice, and fear not! you can change them whenever.

I like these mostly because they're foolproof, but it also makes you look like the most creative person ever. They can also be used as vases, centerpieces, and can be changed seasonally. economic and adorable.

Number 3: Melted Crayon Garden

These Don't just have to be gardens, I've made it with the rainbow colors, all black on a white canvas, and with black on a white canvas, but the garden one was a new one for me, and one of the easier ones to do. on a crafty scale of 1-10, it looks like a 9 with the effort of a 2; and its ridiculously fun to make, because who doesn't love melting crayons with a hairdryer?

Whatcha Need: Canvas, Again look for Bogo sales at hobby lobby and you can get 2 huge canvases for next to nothing, mine were 7 dollars, and they're 14" by 24". Then you need the cheapest crayons you can find, cheaper crayons work way better, so hit up the dollar store. I got 10 Packs of 12, but that was for my rainbow one. You'll also need a hair dryer, a hot glue gun and large flower buttons of your choice, if you choose to make the garden version.

What You Do When You Have The Stuff: Line the crayons up along one edge of the canvas, and then hot glue them on. don't use to much glue, or they melt. make sure the crayons are snug with the next one, but not to tight that they pop off. Once you've glued them on and let it dry, take the canvas outside an put newspaper underneath, and use an old trashcan to lean it up against. Use the hair dryer from above to melt the crayons. This part takes a little while to get used to doing, patience is key, don't rush it, the longer you hold the hair dryer there the better its going to turn out. change the way you're holding the dryer to change the way the paint is running down the canvas. If you go for the garden option wait until the crayon melting dries, and hot glue the flower buttons to the end of the melting farther away form the crayons. flip the upside down, and taada! an easily maintainable flower garden.

Number 4: Tape Painting

This one makes you look like an abstract artist, without actually having to be creative at all.

Whatcha Need: Tape! i used masking tape an that worked perfectly fine. Then you need paint, pick a variety of colors, i used 8 different acrylic small tubes in awesomely bright colors. then you need a canvas. by now you should know how i feel about using coupons on these buggers.. so make sure not to pay way more than you need to.

What You Do When You Have The Stuff: lay the tape across the canvas creating random pockets for you to paint different colors, do lots of different shapes and sizes. this ones way harder to visualize, so check out the picture below. once the taping is done, you can paint! try not to put the same color next to itself, the more random and sporadic looking the better. wait until its totally dry to pull the tape off, and then you've got white in between your random and creatively placed color pockets.

This one looks like it should be put in an art museum if you do it right. i was super happy with the way mine turned out.

Number 5: Button Bowl.

This one just looks undeniably awesome. I use mine to hold all the change that's just laying around in my room, and the other one i made holds all my earrings in the holes of the buttons and my bracelets go in the bowl.

Whatcha Need: Tons of awesome buttons. the more colorful and varying in size the better. plus buttons are going to cost you next to nothing, so if you mix and match from different packs, its only going to make you look craftier, like you made it from what you had sitting on your kitchen counter. You'll also need a decent sized balloon, but don't get carried away, I'm not talking like.. blimp sized or anything. like a normal helium birthday balloon. And to hold this masterpiece together you use glue, like elmers, although i have herd mode podge works well to.

What You Do When You Have The Stuff: Obviously you're going to have to blow the balloon up, I'm not sure how a deflated balloon would help you at all in the situation. Once you've gotten that taken are of cover the balloon s bottom roundish-part in glue. then you've gotta stick all your buttons onto it, and let it sit and dry. make sure you cover as much as you want of the balloon so you get the right sized owl. i personally don't like even edges on mine, so on one of mine the back side comes up a lot farther than the front side.

Id love to hear what you think, or how it worked out if you decide to give one of these a try, and if you have some super easy ones you've already tried, that turned out well, tell me about those too! If you feel compiled to do, toss me a follow on interest and check out other super easy crafts on my boards, my username is the same (jessicavezino).I know theres a lot of these kind of things out there to try, but these are 5 of the more foolproof ones that still look awesome for how easy they are. So thanks for reading a check back soon for another top 5!

Over an out,



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    • profile image

      kathy 2 years ago

      I'm curious how well the button bowl holds together? There aren't that many points of contact.

    • profile image

      Amy 2 years ago

      does the entire bottle have to be painted in chalk paint, or only the part you plan on writing on? For example, could you use regular purple paint for all of it and then paint over that with black chalk paint to write on?

    • profile image

      serena 3 years ago

      Wat glue do you use for the button balloon?

    • profile image

      stefanie 4 years ago

      Hello! What kind of paint did you use for the painted chalkboard wine bottles?

    • profile image

      deedavie 5 years ago

      For the button bowl: is there a specific kind of glue I should be using? This looks like it shouldn't work but I'm dying to try.

    • JessicaVezino profile image

      Jessica Vezino 5 years ago from Michigan

      Glad i could help! one of the next couple posts are gonna be things I've done, kinda like this, with the kids i watch, and the kids in the kindergarten classroom i work in; so watch for that one ! :)

    • clairewait profile image

      clairewait 5 years ago from North Carolina

      I have been refusing to get on Pinterest, but this hub actually inspired me. I haven't felt crafty since having pre-school aged kids, but who knows...

    • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

      Susan Haze 5 years ago from Sunny Florida

      I love your ideas. I am doing an enrichment program with young to middle teens and I think I will be using two of your ideas. The crayon and the tape one. I think the kids will love them both.