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Rainy Day Activities: 5 Easy, Fun and Creative Things to do with Kids

Updated on May 4, 2014

1. Go on a Dinosaur Dig

You Will Need:

• paper

• baking pan

• scissors

• image of a dinosaur

• dry rice, oatmeal, or small beans

• glue

First draw a dinosaur of your choice, print one out from an online source, or find a dinosaur coloring book picture. Next, cut the dinosaur into four or five pieces. Place the dinosaur pieces in random order face up on the baking pan. Then cover the pieces with dry rice, dry oatmeal, or small dry beans. Let your child dig and discover all the dinosaur pieces out of the pan. They can then assemble the pieces on paper and glue them together like a puzzle. To make it more challenging, you can add more than one type of dinosaur to the pan for them to find. To help them know which pieces go together, a letter "B" for brontosaurus or "T" for T-rex can be penned on the back of each puzzle piece. This is a good opportunity for a young child to learn beginning letter sounds and matching.

2. Create an Edible (or Non-Edible) Work of Art

You will need

• cut up fruit of your choice

• paper plate


• dry noodles and/or beans

• glue

• paint

• paper

Let your child build a fruit face of their choice, (for example: use cut grapes or blueberries for the eyes and nose, an orange slice for the mouth, and apple sticks for the hair). You can also do this with vegetables, if your child will eat them. Mine won't.

For a non-edible work of art, your child can glue small dry noodles, like macaroni, or dry beans to a piece of paper. After the glue dries, they can then make a textured painting by painting over their work.

3. Hide and Seek Scavenger Hunt

You will need

• Drawings or pictures of item/locations around the house that your child will be looking for.

• A special item at the end of the hunt.

Think out a scavenger seek and find route and come up with a prized item your child will enjoy finding. My route went something like this: My child is 4 so I gave her a picture of some shoes and asked her what room her shoes were kept in. She went to the laundry room, where a picture of a toothbrush was waiting for her. She then went into the bathroom, where a picture of a fork was waiting for her. She then went to the silverware drawer and found the prize, her favorite stuffed animal.

4. Make Your Own Weird Goo (Warning: This is Very Messy!!!)

You will need:

• cornstarch

• water

• mixing bowl

• food coloring (optional)

Place a cup of cornstarch in the mixing bowl. Slowly add water to the cornstarch until the mixture runs out your hands when picked up. Add food coloring of your choice, if desired. If the mixture dries out, add a little water. Your child (and you) will have fun trying to decide whether the quicksand you made is a liquid or a solid. Try placing a few toys in your goo and see if it swallows them up. The mess cleans up easily with wet paper towels.

5. Ice Age (Best if Done in the Tub or Outside)

You will need:

• large bowl that will fit in your freezer

• toy dinosaurs or other plastic toys

• water

• food coloring (optional)

• butter knife or toy hammer

Fill your bowl 3/4 of the way full of water. Add food coloring of your choice, if desired. Add plastic toys to the water. Freeze the bowl of water (may need to freeze overnight). To remove the ice from the bowl, run warm water over sides of bowl until the ice block loosens. Your child can "chisel" their way to the ice age critters trapped inside. (You may want to let them wear goggles to protect from flying ice chips).


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