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5 Tips For Becoming A Better Artist

Updated on March 2, 2016

Getting Started

Before you create, you must be inspired. Beginning to draw without inspiration just becomes a chore and no progress is made. So before you pick up your pencil or tablet pen, and do some searching. You can do actual internet searching, such as googling different pieces of art. But to be more effective, you might want to actually look outside. Getting inspiration from real life is much more rewarding then looking at other peoples art. Another recommendation is listening to music. Music can be the difference from just drawing to creating. Wether you like country or hard core metal, you can express it into art. Inspiration is key to any piece of art.

Pencil to Paper !

It might be hard at first, but to get started you actually have to start! After you have gathered your references and inspiration, bring your pen to the paper ( or pen to tablet ) and begin to draw. Whatever comes to mind just create it. This doesn't have to be your final product, it could be a draft just to get your ideas down. After this step, drawing becomes a much easier process. Your sketches become more fluid. A huge tip if you don't know what to draw; draw a line. Yes, a line. A random one, then create something from that line. It doesn't have to be perfect. You can make something out of nothing!

The Process

The drawing process is covered over a long period of time. Lot's of erasing and re-doing. There's nothing wrong with making mistakes, even a lot. This is essential in progressing with your craft. So try your best and learn from your mistakes. Ultimately you will learn from them, and see new ways of doing things.

The End Result

A final piece isn't always a masterpiece. You may or may not be happy with it.

If you're unhappy with it, then see where you went wrong. Maybe the eyes look kinda wonky? Or you don't like the colour you used for the trees that much anymore. Whatever it is, make sure you learn from it. Artist are constantly learning and improving.

Here are some general tips to help you get started:

  • Study other artists
  • Like the way someone else draws eyes? Re-create them into your art ( but don't steal ! )
  • Try different mediums ( Pastels , digital , paint , water colours, copic markers)
  • Sketch/draw everyday !
  • Bring a little sketchbook everywhere you go so you can always practice
  • Draw from real life, it's easier than you think.
  • Angry , happy, or upset? CREATE !

5 Tips for better drawings


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