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5 Truly Gorgeous Colors of Roses Which are Extremely Popular

Updated on March 10, 2013

Do you love beautiful roses?

Roses are beautiful. There are many different colors of roses, some of which are very popular, and some other are not very popular. The following five colors are arguably the most popular colors of roses as far as day to day activities are concerned:


1. Red

Red roses are truly beautiful. They are the symbol of love, and catch the eye instantly. Among all the colors of roses, the color red is definitely the most popular and exciting color. With so much to offer, it is not surprising that red roses have a really special place in the society.


2. Pink

After red roses, the most popular roses are most probably the pink ones. Pink roses look very cute and can be found in most places. These roses look very sweet in a garden or a park. The color pink is really nice, and pink roses bring out the most beautiful side of color.


3. Yellow

Yellow roses are found everywhere too. These roses symbolize friendship, and can make great gifts. These roses look awesome, and are really pleasing to the eyes. There are very few yellow flowers which can compete with beautiful yellow roses.


4. White

White roses look really peaceful. Like roses of any other color, there are different varieties of white roses too. These roses are often found in gardens, and are frequently seen imprinted on greeting cards. White roses truly make a totally different impression which is sweet and at the same time calm.


5. Orange

Orange roses are not found too often, but this color of roses is very popular too. The color orange does not always look as great as some of the other colors when it comes to roses, however, the color is definitely a really popular choice for rose lovers which is widely used for different purposes.

The above five colors are the most widely seen colors of roses in everyday life. There are a host of other colors of roses too, and roses of every color look pretty awesome without fail.

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