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5 Winter Crafts for Kids Adults Can Enjoy

Updated on January 7, 2020
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Rebecca is a retired special education teacher. She earned a master's degree at Armstrong Atlantic State University in Savannah, GA.


Winter Crafting Isn't Just For Kids

Kids aren't the only ones who get bored on cold winter days, especially when the weather is so bad you're stuck at home. Put the electronics away and try crafting with some winter crafts enjoyable for all ages. Make them by yourself or with the kids to help cure cabin fever and chase the winter blues.

Make an Ivory Soap Snowman for Good "Clean" Fun

Assemble These Materials to Make an Ivory Soap Snowman

  • 3-4 bars of Ivory soap
  • mixing bowl
  • a little water
  • a handful of dry black beans
  • strip of felt
  • black construction paper (for a hat)
  • cheese grater
  • a baby carrot (for a nose)
  • pipe cleaners and pom poms

note: don't worry about wasting good soap. After you've displayed and enjoyed your snowman, you can remove the features and have three soap balls!

Step 1.

Grate the soap bars shredding them just like cheese.

Use a grater to shred the Ivory soap bars.
Use a grater to shred the Ivory soap bars.

Step 2

Add a little water, no more than an eighth of a cup.

Carefully add a little water.
Carefully add a little water.

Step 3

Form into large, medium, and small balls.

Form three balls for your snowman.
Form three balls for your snowman.

Step 4.

Add the end of a baby carrot and black beans for features.

Add features to your snowman
Add features to your snowman

Step 5.

Brown pipe stems make good arms. Or use Popsicle sticks, even real twigs.

Give your snowman arms if desired.
Give your snowman arms if desired.

Step 6.

Earmuffs can be made by hot gluing pom poms to pipe stems. Use leftovers from Christmas crafts. Or make a stovepipe hat with black paper.

Scarfs can be crafted from felt, ribbons, or whatever you find in your crafting box. Make your Ivory soap snowman unique!

You can also give your snowman a stovepipe hat.
You can also give your snowman a stovepipe hat.

More Winter crafts for Kids and Adults

The following winter crafts are easy enough for kids and fun and intersting enough for adults. The materials are easily assembled, and you'll have some stunning crafts to display.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Salt SnowflakesPipe Cleaner SnowflakesMason Jar Snow Globe
Salt Snowflakes
Salt Snowflakes | Source
Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes
Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes | Source
Mason Jar Snow Globe
Mason Jar Snow Globe | Source

1. Salt Snowflakes

Nurturestore's tutorial for making salt snowflakes includes a printable template, or you can design your own. All you need is glue, salt, watercolors, and a brush. The effect is quite stunning!

2. Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes

Search your leftover Christmas crafts for chenille stems, (commonly known as pipe cleaners), pretty beads, and sequins to make pipe cleaner snowflakes. Cut them into pieces and arrange into snowflake designs using a hot glue gun. The website shows you 4 easy patterns, or you can use Google to look for snowflake images. No white pipe cleaners? Blue would be pretty, or even black ones sprinkled with silver glitter.

3. Quilled Paper Tube Snowflakes shows how to use the paper quilling technique and empty tissue roll tubes to create beautiful quilled paper snowflakes. Don't let the name of the website fool you. This craft is plenty sophisticated enough for adults.

4. Mason Jar Snow Globe

Search your Christmas decorations for bottle brush trees or tiny figurines to help you create a Mason jar snow globe. Shutterfly shows you how in 7 easy steps. You'll need glitter, glue, warm water, and a hot glue gun to secure the figurine to the jar lid.

More Winter Project Ideas for Serious Crafters


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